For the Palestinian People – Against the Normalisation of Apartheid

False Equivalence

Contrast free choice
with less by the years
one is duplicitous
one is crushed
bulldozers grind
village homes to dust
one expands to usurp
one says enough
to a bone harvest
of human surplus
valley to valley
springs sealed dry
one steals water from
daughters of vines
one exposed, burning
one hand to hand
from settlement terraces
one laughs alone
500 checkpoints
between the two
one throws stones
one shoots to kill
one cries protest
one fires murder
tree spirit scream
love disinterred
ripped from the body
one redeems curses
exotic burdens
on children of land
another empirical
divide and rule
one from one
unequivocal theft
torments one mind
one asks the Beast
for armament gifts
one asks just people
for support, to resist.

Sylvia Posadas, December 2012

New Age Apartheid

In light and love
no more enemies
knock at the door
at 2 a.m. to drag away
the children
to the dungeons
where they will be
detained till they
implicate out of fear
and next week the
boots will kick at the door
in light and love
at gunpoint take
husband for years
on no charge
no trial,
robbing light and love
no more enemies
they think
when all are driven
from coveted land.

Sylvia Posadas, December 2012

The appropriation of indigenousness has been a long term project on the part of the invading zionists – as Haneen Zoabi said at the Russell Tribunal hearings some months ago, they are trying to redefine themselves as the owners of the land – they are stealing the very concept of homeland from Palestinians. This endeavour is not only unjust for Palestinian Arabs but Palestinian Jews.

Zionists, who were and are predominantly secular, have absorbed pieces of mythology from many sources in order to bolster their expansionist, land thieving settler colonial purposes. The syncretism of religious themes into the political ideology of zionism is highly convenient, but of course is utterly worthless as any real claim. The Christian zionist vote is of much interest to Israel, for the evangelical vote is the single most important factor delivering clout to Israel’s influence in the US. Thus, when Israel courts evangelical Indigenes, there’s a double purpose – to aid in the usurpation of Indigenousness from Palestinians, rebranding Palestinians as invaders of their own lands, and assuring the evangelical vote.

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‘Noting that Native American governments have been complicit with, or coopted by Israel, Barker says:

I want Native governments to divest themselves from Israel as well (most immediately the Chickasaw and Navajo governments, who support Israeli products and send delegates to the Israeli government).

Notably, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly was in Israel for an official visit at the same time as Harjo.’

From Sa’ed Adel Atshan: ‘Many Palestinians and those in solidarity with our struggle had hoped that Joy Harjo would be principled in heeding the calls of another subjugated people. We have been profoundly dismayed by her recent decision to accept funding from Tel Aviv University, an Israeli state institution, and to not only perform there on Monday but also to serve as a Writer-in-Residence. Soon after hearing this disappointing news, Native American peers of Harjo, including Robert Warrior, called on her to boycott the event.’

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‘The triumphant Assyrians settled some of their subject populations there and in Syria to mingle with the Palestinian people. The Hill Country of Samaria remained a province during the Persian period. Then, Samaria, along with Judea, became the property of the Babylonians, from 539 until 333 BC, and subsequently was ruled by the Hellenistic Greeks, and then the formidable Roman Empire. The land was never owned by the Jewish people, except in minds that were nourished by the Biblical narratives.’

From Ricardo A. Bracho:

“My response to Joy Harjo letter defending her indefensible performance at Tel Aviv University. The “last minute” stuff is re: her seemingly being unaware of the boycott until she was contacted night before and day of her flight out.

Joy, It wasn’t as last minute as you claim. I, among others, noticed your earlier intent when you posted “Should I go to Tel Aviv?” while the occupying Zionist forces rained down bombs on the Gazans in November. Tel Aviv University posted in cancelling the event that you did not go “for security reasons” while your postings indicated that you stayed for a family medical emergency. I thought that was that. I should have intervened then. That was my political error. I then noticed, as others did, your posting indicating you had an early flight out to Tel Aviv the evening prior to your departure. Once I began to recover from his shock, and yes I found it utterly shocking that you would go to Israel and Tel Aviv University, I contacted others closer to the BDS movement and to you. Our emails and phone calls reached you before you left the US. You could have not boarded the plane. You could have, once you arrived, cancelled the gig and put yourself in contact with Israeli and Palestinian activists and gone to the West Bank and Gaza. You could have simply returned. You could have engaged, directly, with the critique coming from Palestinians, the initial letter emailed to you and then posted on here or the many eloquent comments. You did none of this. You now hide behind platitudes and metaphors. At the very least, you are a better writer than this. But even your best verse, will provide no shade for your grossly unethical actions. I am less in shock now. In rage and sadness, Ricardo A. Bracho”

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Tso is full Navajo, a “pastor” but also has a businesschurch is a registered non profit but has not submitted 990s. This is possible only if revenue is under 25 grand.

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Main Street USA – Gallup, New Mexico – 10 Sep 07 – Part 1 : Dave Marash visits the town where Navajo and Palestinian traditions intertwine.
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