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Herda ramro Macha puchre – Folk songs released by Sur Sudha. The Himalayan lores.

Pravin from Russia disciple of great Bansuri master Harsh wardhan. Video made in Hari Krisna temple in Saint-Peterburg.

Thanks to @NewsFromNepal for these delectable musical vistas from my favourite magical country.

Photocopied evidence not admissible? Sobhraj irony

Richard Neville and Julie Clarke’s book “The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj” gripped us decades ago – hard to believe he still remains awaiting trial in a Nepalese prison for passport forgery, with the prosecution stalling for lack of the old case file.

Earlier this month, the prosecution hedged the trial, saying they had not received the case file from the attorney-general’s office.

The trial that Sobhraj’s lawyers are eager to rush through and the state is stalling is over the crime charge Nepal police used in 2003 to arrest Sobhraj from a casino in the capital.

Police say he came to Nepal in 1975, using the passport of a Dutch tourist, Henricus Bintanja. Sobhraj has rejected the claim, saying he never came to Nepal before 2003, when he used a bonafide passport issued to him by the French embassy in Paris.

The fake passport case became important when the police further charged Sobhraj with the murder of American backpacker Connie Jo Bronzich in 1975.