Australia’s Shame on Manus Island

Manus Island Has No Dentists

You privileged imperial settler fucks
squatting on top of stolen earth,
tormenting the tormented
who flee from wars you helped create
with scheming crony capitalist mates,
may you suffer a thousand abscesses,
temporary fillings for absent justice
and learn firsthand about
pain you inflict on others
with closed ears, slammed racist doors,
gnashing sweet-toothed fangs
on Tim Tams and Cadbury tours,
privileged slick white saviour thieves
who send hand-patters, guards and no dentists,
may your monocultural destruction
destroy you and the land regenerate
on the bones of sociopathic corruption.

Jinjirrie, March 2013.


‘There is a lack of medical treatment and medicine for all diseases. The medical team suggests drinking water as the only treatment.

The only medication is Panadol, which is used as a painkiller to reduce pain temporarily but is no cure.

There is no dentist or dental treatment on the Island. Many of the detainees suffer from dental problems and the excess use of Panadol not only doesn’t help the pain but causes stomach and kidney problems.

There are no recreational or educational activities in this camp and as a result detainees are experiencing extreme mental and psychological problems. ‘


Grabbits wall to wall across the nation
Kiss pristine environment goodbye,
Grabbitating forests to grabbit mates
Greedy Grabbits don’t share the pie.

For Grabbits grasp as grabbits do
Farewell your civil liberties,
What’s good for them isn’t good for you
No protests to hinder productivity.

It’s work till you drop
for trickled down slops,
Like scum, Grabbits settle on top
Grabbits want the whole damn lot.

Jinjirrie, March 2013.

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