Letter From An Arch Enemy Israeli Metal Fan

After protesters in London called on the metal band Arch Enemy to cancel its concert in Tel Aviv, Israeli metalheads now send letters to the band. They ask for help writing in English.

“Arch Enemy should play Israel for us metalhead anarchist fans. We are anarchists because we are against our government which doesn’t help us enough with building our settlements. G-d gave us Judea and Samaria. Look at the maps. We have a right to settle all our historic land and drive out the Philistines and Amakelites, their sheep, goats and chickens. Arch Enemy has even written a song about an “eye for an eye” and “slaying the Philistines”.

We don’t like Anarchists Against the Wall – they are not real anarchists, they side with enemies of Israel who protest our right to defend ourselves as we settle our land.

We hope Arch Enemy show support for us repressed Israeli settlers and come to perform in Ariel.

This BDS boycott will collectively punish genuine Arch Enemy metalhead anarchist fans like myself. Politics has nothing to do with music. Arch Enemy is for anarchism and freedom of expression and should play for us, our dream of Greater Israel for Jews and our right to settle ALL the land!!!! The Palestinian state is Jordan! We are Nemeses!

“Rise – The tyrants rise! The enemy inside – The tyrants rise!”


Ironically, Arch Enemy is currently performing in association with Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression campaign throughout Europe and is slated to break the Palestinian-led boycott of Israeli apartheid on January 24.

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  1. So, a spokeperson says,”G-d gave us Judea and Samaria. Look at the maps.” Suppose someone does not agree there even is a god, so, then it is a matter of a human determing whose land is whose. And the maps most definitely are created by humans. So, humans determine all of these things, even whether to believe in a god. Yet this person assumes privilege of ownership over an area that has never actually been ordained by god, but maybe by Allah, the god of the people who lived historically in Judea and Samaria before the immigration of large numbers of Jewish people.
    And then the person says, “We have a right to settle all our historic land and drive out the Philistines and Amakelites.” Yes, and who gives them that right? A military enforced entity who forcibly removes those who live there? Historic land? Does this also include places like America, where the Native Americans should get ther historic land back and throw out all of the Europeans that have overrun the Natives and taken their land?
    And he/she says, “enemies of Israel who protest our right to defend ourselves as we settle our land.” Where do I begin, who are the enemies of Israel? The enemies they created by stealing the indigenous peoples land Israel now calls theirs?And they have a right to defend ownership of the land they stole? Even now Israel occupies the land of the Palestinians and when they fight back, the IDF actually says they are defending the land they are occupying when the Palestinians resist the rules of the IDF who oppress the peoples of the land they are occupying and they are called terrorists for wanting to remove the oppression by the IDF.
    And the person says, “our dream of Greater Israel for Jews and our right to settle ALL the land!!!! The Palestinian state is Jordan.” Again the talk about rights, but what about the rights of the people on whose land the Israeli state has been established?What about their rights?And the Palestinians are to take the land of Jordanians as theirs the same way the Zionists took theirs? And the settling of ALL the land, what about the land having been already settled by the Palestinians already there that the Zionists have systematically and deliberately dispossessed? What gives them the rights to the land? Because the Europeans became a barbaric lot and killed, murdered and massacred many of the Jews in its Final Solution? So, the Palestinians should pay for what some Europeans acting badly have done to the Jews and must give up their land to the Jews as compensation to the Jews for the suffering at the hands of Hitler and his toadies, without even consulting the Palestinians?
    I’m assuming this person, this spokesperson is a young person, oweing to the fact that ArchEnemy plays heavy metal music. In that case this saddens me, that someone so young can be so indoctrinated with the Zionist doctrine of screw the Palestinians and take their land, they are nobody, but Jews are really special.
    I hope I haven’t wasted anyone’s time who reads this.
    In Harper’s Magazine, December issue, Vol 33 No 1939, “Abraham’s Children,” by Bernard Avishai, he lines up some possibilties for viable solutions, however with Netanyahu taking over the gov’t, the solution seems further and further away, from what Abbas and Olmert had reasonably discussed and it has been thrown to the wind, as Netanyahu takes a much harder line against the Palestinians.

    It is ironic that ArchEnemy is under the banner of Amnesty Int’l and its Freedom of Expression camapaign. What about the freedom of expression for the Palestinians?

    The situation is dire and solutions seem very distant, but clearly it would go a long way for the Zionist Israelis to acknowledge and apologise to the Palestinians for the crimes that the Zionists have committed against them.

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