Pushover Revolutionary Rice

Rice Pudding

Do you find after feeding the masses their main meal you made too much rice? Here’s what you can do with leftover rice, which can be deployed as a nutritious replacement for wasteful, exploitative, expensive packaged cereals for brekkie/brunch/desserts for days afterward.

Leave the fluffy, strained, cooked rice in the saucepan and add a suitable amount of coconut milk to maintain a creamy texture – not too stiff or runny, then sugar, vanilla, sultanas, macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, or whatever else your imagination provokes, and simmer for 5 minutes. Cool, refridgerate or freeze for later, or offer immediately as dessert. Stored and frozen in recycled containers, you also have instant food to deliver to your ailing friends struck down with the plague who may not feel like cooking for themselves. Combine with Isosauce, and your mates can enjoy an easy complete meal with minimal effort.

Pushover Revolutionary Rice saves you precious time you could otherwise spend plotting to overthrow capitalism, on poetry, art or other meaningful, under-appreciated work. Help defeat capitalist monopolies and bourgeois alternatives with delicious mouthfuls created by your own time-saving toil.

Pictured here served with icecream, yoghurt, fruit and meringues.