Poems of Discontent

Under Capitalism

I would be more worthy
if I am a wage earner
if I am male
if I am white
if I am not dis-abled
if I am least colonised
if I am from the mother country
if I am young and not too young
if I am seductively skinny
if I am gender normative
silent alliance and complicit silence
secret scythes to reproduce
and feed the dream
that steals from
all of us.

Jinjirrie, July 2013


How we love Amerikkka, land of bugs and drones,
Where obscenely rich old men perch upon their thrones,
Spying on the world to keep their loot secure,
Destruction is their legacy, they will not endure.
The US gave us Hollywood to keep us occupied,
Sharing in the dream, we’d sleep, complicit in the lies.

Jinjirrie, July 2013

Independence What?

puffed pride
worlds collide
truth died
monoculture pesticide
settler heart identified

Jinjirrie, July 2013

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Postscript: The Present through a PRISM

To paraphrase a dead French guy badly, the surveillance state has to change people/populations into the kind of group that basically remains silent. That is what is needed first in order to make the unthinkable possible and finally, normal.

This is why, when they come for some of us, they actually come for all of us.

Postscript ||: Our Government has No Right to Hide Its Actions

One Reply to “Poems of Discontent”

  1. Hi Jin, Under Capitalism and Snowden, perfecto magnifique(I’ve no idea if those are words of ANY language, as I know only American English, but it seemed more complimentary than any English words I could’ve come up with :-)) But then I could have kept it simple and used cliched words to show my positive reaction to the poems, which I shall do now, Great job, astuteness personified, insightful, etc.
    All kidding aside, if you could call it that and be accurate, I love those 2 poems.
    You tweeted recently about the aim of poetry and sorta panned the Nessrriinn poem I showed you, though my aim wasn’t to show great poetry as much as how she showed heartfelt empathy, using her poetic style, of victims of stoning from the victims viewpoint, so I’d say based on your tweet of ideal poetry, you succeeded with these 2 poems which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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