Lollapartheid Off the Menu of Lollapalooza Festival!

Great news of another early 2013 victory for boycott, divestment and sanctions of apartheid Israel! Lollapalooza Israel 2013 has been removed from the official Lollapalooza site and apparently cancelled according to this Ynet report:

‘… plans to hold the American Lollapalooza music festival in Israel in the summer have apparently been cancelled.

Although the Israeli producers denied the report, all Israel-related content has been removed from the festival’s official website.’

The Ynet Hebrew report gives a bit more detail:

“there were many difficulties in recruiting famous artists to take part in the festival..”

Thanks to the courageous bands and musicians who have refused to breach the boycott, following efforts to make them aware of the necessity to respect the Palestinian-led boycott by Lollapartheid Israel: Artists of Conscience, Respect the Boycott and Boycott from Within!

Official news of the cancellation of the Israeli Lollapartheid festival is now awaited.