A Spell to Decontaminate White Supremacism

Zigging and Zogging

torah or talmud, who needs books,
you just have to take a look
at all the media run by da jooos
holed up in hollywood
with their sneaky moves

and in the big banks
plotting 9/11
when they’re not sellin crack
to the poor black bums

payola to pollies
so they run the whole show
it’s a global conspiracy
don’t yah know

reptilian illuminati
and protocols malign
freemasons and aliens
blame it on zion!

it ain’t my fault
my daddy was rich
my ma was good lookin,
and you’re from the ditch,

it wasn’t my choice
that i was born white
must have been somethin’
da jooos did, right?

Sylvia Posadas August 2012

Written for my dear friend, poet and critic Emma Rosenthal, on the occasion of yet another act of cowardice by a white supremacist.