Landmark Victory for Political Protest in Victoria – BDS Leads the Way

In what has been described as a landmark case, 16 protesters against Israeli oppression and apartheid supported by the Strauss group’s Max Brenner franchise in Australia, have been cleared of the majority of charges against them. They were arrested at a protest in QV Square, Melbourne, in July last year.

Defence lawyer Rob Starry, ‘who acted for some of the accused, said the decision had wide-ranging ramifications.

“This case is really a landmark case in the annuls of the criminal justice system because what it represents is people have a right to express themselves politically.”‘

The court said when they exonerated some of those people who engaged in peaceful protest they’ve got a right to express that view.”

Mr Starry said the decision could affect similar Occupy Melbourne protests and current industrial protests including the Toll blockade.

“The Toll blockade is an industrial dispute, it should not involve the police unless there is a breach of the peace or other criminal behaviour but that has not been the case,” he said.

“Police should not get involved in political protest or industrial disputes of this nature, (protests) shouldn’t be criminalised.

“We don’t live in a totalitarian regime. This is Australia where we should be able to engage in robust debate.”

Protestor Vashti Kenway said the decision was a victory for freedom of speech.

“It’s a victory for our capacity to protest in places where corporations have previously said they controlled,” she said.

“It’s also useful for us to know that the QV management have no right to say we are not allowed to express our political opinions within that space.”

The Strauss group which owns the Max Brenner chain sponsors the Israeli Occupation Forces’ Golani and Givati brigades, responsible for war crimes and human rights abuses against Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories.

UPDATE 25/7/12

For all Melbournites:

Be there at the QV Square this Friday and exercise the right of public political protest.

Remembering Vic Alhadeff, the CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ words from August 2011 which have been brought to fruition:

Australian zionist organisations coordinate with politicians and police in pushing the hasbara agenda of Israel against BDS.

Arguing against any Zionist-organized BDS “counter” protest, Alhadeff writes: “It is important for the community to be aware that our response to BDS forms part of [a] coordinated national strategy. Furthermore, this strategy is endorsed by counterparts abroad and Israel’s Foreign Ministry.”

Alhadeff outlined this coordinated national strategy in response to BDS, stating that it “included, but is not limited to, engagement with civil society and politicians, patronage of boycotted outlets, cooperation with police, shop owners and center managers and exposure of the motives behind the BDS movement.” According to Alhadeff, Zionist policy in response to BDS should be one which seeks to “speak softly” but to also carry “a suggestion of a big stick.”’


Max Brenner is boycottable not because it’s an Israeli-owned business, but because it’s owned by the Strauss group, which is profiteering off of and taking part in occupation in several ways

Not to mention “adopting” occupation army military units

(Thanks @TaliShapiro)

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