Join BDS, Support the Freedom Flotilla 2 to Gaza, End Israeli Oppression!

In his message of support for the new “Freedom for Palestine” single by OneWorld, Archbishop Desmond Tutu recognises the power of music and art against Israeli apartheid and colonialism in the same way that they were central to the struggle against apartheid oppression in South Africa.

“True peace comes only with justice.”

The Freedom Flotilla 2, with 12+ boats carrying humanitarian aid and 1000+ peace activists, is sailing to Gaza in late June. Alice Walker, who’s sailing with us, calls this the Freedom Ride of our generation. We want to help open this Palestinian port and end the illegal Israeli blockade, which has caused so much suffering. Meanwhile, the global BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement is calling on Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson and Kiri Te Kanawa to cancel their 2011 Israel concerts and get on the boat!

Palestine / Israel Links

Let them eat cheese! Rechavia Berman examines Israeli neoliberalist exploitation, settler pogroms, sex in politics and the superiority of zionist dairy cows amongst other things in his Weekly Holyland overview.