Animal Farm Imperialism Revealed

Zionism and imperialism – two heads of the same grotesque beast, which advances the cause of robber barons who defend their own interests under the holy shibboleth of capitalism.

Palestine / Israel Links

Cheering Netanyahu’s Intransigence
A year of steadfastness in Israeli prison
Apartments Are Dedicated in Jerusalem
Palestinian UN bid: Israel’s battle for Europe
Egypt to open Rafah border permanently
Israel links EU support for Palestinians to anti-Semitism
Israel to UN: You say innocents, I say villains
Top UN official calls for end to Israel’s displacement of Palestinians :

“At 700 kilometres long, with 85 per cent of its route inside the West Bank, the Barrier cuts off communities from basic services, denies people access to their homes, and leaves thousands of people dependent on humanitarian handouts.”
Recounting a meeting she had with Palestinians who had been evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem to make way for Israeli settlements, Ms. Amos said they faced daily violence and threats from settlers, noting the attacks on Palestinians are rarely prosecuted.
Thousands of Palestinians had lost their right to live in East Jerusalem and those in the West Bank struggled to access specialized education and reach medical facilities that are only available in Jerusalem.

Fact-checking Netanyahu’s Speech
DePaul vote on Sabra hummus a victory for human rights: SJP’s strategy is not predicated on the elimination of an Israeli state. Rather, it deals purely with human rights. The logic is simple; boycotting Sabra hummus and other similarly problematic products sends a strong signal to owners of the companies that make them, which is that any profiteering from human rights violations will not be tolerated.

Nakba Day 2011: The Other Exodus

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