Boycott Max Brenner – Don’t Buy Israeli Apartheid Action in Melbourne

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Paul Simon, Don’t Break Cultural Boycott Again!
Resist Obamanations: Ilan Pappe “Throw a shoe at Obama’s betrayal”: One can continue to boycott Israeli goods and cultural representatives in France, even if there is a new law against it. If Palestinians in Israel can defy Israeli laws against Nakba commemoration, insidious European laws and regulations should be ignored as well.
Festival bans Israel boycott supporters

In a statement provided by the Shalom Institute program director, Michael Misrachi, organisers said they decided to rule out presenters who advocated the boycott because it undermined the event’s engagement with Israeli academic and artistic institutions and their representatives.

”This is not about censorship, nor are we seeking to stifle dissenting views. Limmud-Oz is proud of the principles of pluralism and inclusiveness which guide us and Limmuds around the world,” it read.

Mr Misrachi confirmed Dr Slezak and Ms Porzsolt’s names were removed from the list of speakers on the event’s website following complaints.

Two other speakers have since pulled out of the festival in protest at the ban, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported.

Ms Porzsolt, who said she would still attend the festival, told organisers in an email they had misrepresented the boycott, and asked them to reconsider.

”My proposed workshop was not even on BDS … The exclusion of me as a person for the ideas I hold generally, and not because of the topic of my workshop, smacks of excommunication,” it read.

The chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Vic Alhadeff, said it endorsed the decision of the Shalom Institute.

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About 8 minutes into the archive, Rae Abileah speaks from hospital about need to rise up against war criminals like Nutanyahoo and perfidy of the vicious AIPAC thugs from the audience who assaulted her. No charges are being pressed against her.
Witness the Shocking Denial and Ignorance About the Occupation of Palestine by AIPAC Delegates
Americans protest Netanyahu AIPAC speech:
Constitution Committee Approves Bill Discriminating Against Those Who Did Not Serve in the Army
Complicity in Oppression: Do the Media Aid Israel?
MOVE OVER AIPAC: A view from the street
Another existential threat which frightens Israel : Palestinian infant close to death as Israel denies him medication
Netanyahu: Israel ready for painful compromises – If a thief is asked to return stolen property, is this a ‘painful compromise’ except to other thieves?
Tim Llewellyn, bias and the BBC
Netanyahu’s end game

There is a breaking point for Palestinian patience and Netanyahu is making sure that we reach it soon. Clouding the issues will not change the fact that millions of Palestinians in the territories are under occupation and siege. Their national aspiration for liberation has not died down nor will it recede. Netanyahu may have buried the peace process but he has brought back to life the Arab-Israeli conflict, this time in a changing Arab world!

May Nutanyahoo lose the end game and everyone win!
Izbat al-Tabib village resists land confiscation, demolition orders
Nadia Hijab: ‘Israel needs to be a state in which all citizens are equal’

Whatever outcome there is, whether one or two states in the land that was Palestine until the conflict began in 1948, all citizens must enjoy equal rights, whether, they’re Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, whether men or women. … Until President Obama is willing or able to use U.S. leverage with Israel to hold it accountable under the law, then Israel will continue to colonize Palestinian land, and the Arab world will continue to hold America responsible.

Protestor who disrupted Netanyahu in Congress attacked, hospitalized, arrested
To Friendly Crowd, Netanyahu Repeats Criteria for Peace

In the West Bank, Nabil Shaath, a senior Palestinian official, called the speech “a declaration of war against the Palestinians.”

“This is an escalation and unfortunately, it received a standing ovation,” he told The Associated Press. He noted that Mr. Netanyahu had rejected Palestinian demands on issues as central as future borders, the status of Jerusalem and the fate of refugees.

Mr. Netanyahu said that the Palestinian leader must do what he has done: “I stood before my people and I said, ‘I will accept a Palestinian state.’ It’s time for President Abbas to stand before his people and say, ‘I will accept a Jewish state.’ ”

He added: “Those six words will convince the people of Israel that they have a true partner for peace. With those six words, the Israeli people will be prepared to make a far-reaching compromise. I will be prepared to make a far-reaching compromise.”

@avinunu I am Israel, I expel you, oppress you, deny your history, accuse you of having a culture of hate, then demand that you recognize & love me.
Shir Hever: ‘The prospect of a democratic state in which Palestinians will be equal citizens is more threatening to the Israeli government than an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and because of that the Israeli government will implement, and has already began to implement, mechanisms by which to turn the PA into a subcontractor of occupation.’
Obama admin pleased that Netanyahu refuses to acknowledge Zionist racism
Disagreement is treason: VIDEO: AIPAC Attendees Say Jews Who Criticize Israel Are Traitors, Demand Loyalty To Netanyahu

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