Yael Kahn : Solidarity with Palestine – From Nakba to Intifada

“Being in a solidarity movement with Palestinian people is a privilege. We are working against one of the biggest injustices in recent history and we are working also with wonderful people, people who in spite of all the constant Israeli attacks, have not lost their spirit.”

“I found out my indentity was linked to those of people I had never met.”

“Through BDS we get through to Israelis that their actions are not acceptable.”

Palestine /Israel Links

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Other Links

The ALP is being led by the nose by its fascist old guard moles. ‘For example, Australians participating in Anonymous operations, or perhaps even supporting WikiLeaks or other whistleblower organisations online, may now be legal targets of ASIO surveillance even though they are in Australia and not doing anything that relates to Australia’s security.’
Continued obstructions to — and even blatant denial of — the basic rights of indigenous peoples to land and forests, resulted in their ongoing marginalization and persistent poverty