BDS in Australia is Unstoppable!

Samah Sabawi, introduced by Reverend Dave, speaks on the case for BDS at Dulwich Hill, New South Wales on May 13.

Former Greens parliamentarian, Sylvia Hale, discusses the NSW Greens’ stand for BDS and the struggle around the Marrickville Council position.

Antony Loewenstein outlines the unstoppable trajectory of BDS demonstrated ironically by the desperation of efforts to stop it in Marrickville.

Palestine / Israel Links

Israeli Human Rights Record Slammed In Amnesty International’s Annual Human Rights Report

the report, which described the human rights revolutions across the Middle East and North Africa as “inspirational”, has condemned Israel’s conduct in multiple areas including the justice system, the Gaza blockade, human rights accountability, housing demolitions and settlement activity, torture and excessive use of force, freedom of movement and freedom of speech.

Corporate Complicity in Israel’s Occupation : Evidence from the London Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Israeli Troops Shoot U.S. Student in Head with High-Velocity Tear Gas Canister
More despicable lawfare and greasy tactics by the ziolobby ‘Holland financing groups calling for Israel boycott’
Israel Police’s Facebook page rife with racist comments
Armed with lies, Nutanyahoo prepares for battle against Palestinians’ rights
The land theft continues : Israel turned the Nakba into a 63-year process – Amira Hass
Former Israeli soldiers break the silence on military violations
Israel actions “surpass barbarism of apartheid South Africa,” group says after Na’eem Jeenah deportation

Those of us who lived through and struggled against apartheid South Africa consider the actions of the Israeli state to surpass even the barbarism of apartheid South Africa. Isreal is already considered a pariah state in the eyes of most of humanity. It should be treated as such. We therefore support the BDS campaign wholeheartedly.

South Africa intervening to bring home Na’eem Jeenah after Israel deports him to Turkey without passport

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Journalist’s Facebook arrest: transcript of police interview