High Rates of Cancer in Children of Gaza – Sponsor a Child

The rate of cancers in children in the Gaza camp of Deir El Balah is more than 9 times that in the developed world, where more than 70% of cases are cured. There are no adequate cancer treatment facilities for children in Gaza. Organise to sponsor a child’s treatment.

Sponsor a child from Deir El Balah Camp :

Cancer in children is relatively rare, in most western nations the rate of diagnosis each year is in the range of 140 – 150 cases per million children.

There are no adequate paediatric cancer services in all of Gaza. This means that children and their parents must travel to Israel, Jordan or East Jerusalem in order to obtain treatment (location of treatment is dependent on Ministry of Health referrals and the availability of beds).

This problem is further compounded by high levels of unemployment and poverty.

Deir El Balah is Gaza’s smallest refugee camp, with a population of 20,500 of whom 38% are children. We currently have 7 small children from Deir El Balah who are suffering from cancer and require sponsorship.

Go here for more information about sponsoring a child.

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The Palestinians have to recognize that Israel is the national homeland for the Jewish people.

Any peace agreement between Israel and Palestine must end the conflict and all claims against the State of Israel.

The problem of Palestinian refugees must be resolved outside Israeli borders.

The fourth point states that the Palestinian state must be demilitarized and not endanger Israel’s security in anyway and that Israel should be allowed to keep a military presence along the Jordan Valley.

Israel will retain the settlement blocs and the last point stating that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel.

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