Decoding US Imperialism

By those they choose to silence, one knows the leaders’ pathology and measure of their cowardice. Stand down, Mubarak, stand down! This is revolution:

This is the story that got Al Jazeera banned by Mubarak – live ammunition used on protestors, 2 children, aged 7 and 4 amongst those murdered by the regime.

Egypt Links

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Made in the USA: Tear Gas, Tanks, Helicopters, Rifles, and Fighter Planes in Egypt Funded and Built Largely by US Defense Department and American Corporations
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State and DOD Need to Assess How the Foreign Military Financing Program for Egypt Achieves U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Goals
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Rights NGO claims that Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons have arrived in Egypt

Omar Afifi is on @AJArabic saying that the Egyptian govt received advanced weapons from Israel to target the protesters #Jan25

Verified: @AJArabic: 3 Israeli war cargo planes has replenished #Egypt police with illegal ammo/TearGas. #Tahrir, #Jan25

RNN:Aljazeera: Israeli minestry of defense refuses to confirm or deny sending weapons to Egyptian forces. #jan25 #egypt

Victory to the Egyptian people!
Mubarak’s Last Breath
Obama Presses for Change but Not a New Face at the Top

Mr. Hadley said that given the choice, Egyptians might well settle on a hybrid government that might include the Muslim Brotherhood and a secular majority willing to continue to live by the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

Some officials have clearly begun to think about the many possibilities that could emerge should Mr. Mubarak depart from the presidential palace, including a government led by his newly installed vice president, Omar Suleiman, the country’s intelligence chief. American officials say that Mr. Suleiman has been described as more opposed to wide-ranging reforms than Mr. Mubarak. “Shifting the chairs for longtime supporters of Mubarak is not the kind of ‘concrete reform’ that the president is talking about,” one senior official said.

Another possibility, American officials say, would be a transitional government led by an outsider, perhaps Mohamed ElBaradei, the former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who flew back to Cairo several days ago.

Mr. ElBaradei, who has not lived in Egypt for years, has little connection to the protesters. A frequent critic of United States policy, he could form a caretaker government in preparation for an election. As one American official said, “He’s shown an independence from us that will squelch any argument that he’s doing our bidding.”

At Davos, experts say Egypt must decide own future
This revolution ‘undoubtedly means the end of Israel as a Jewish state’

My father, who knew several of the neocon standard bearers at Harvard, always insisted to me that, with such obvious exceptions as Marty Peretz and Ruth Wisse, the neocons were ultimately not so deeply committed to Israel but rather simply saw it as a means to an end. I understood his argument academically, but never quite bought into it until the last couple of years. The first time I realized he was right was when I attended the J Street Conference in October 2009, where I had the most emotionally draining experience of actually encountering people who were deeply committed to the point of emotional investment in saving Israel as a Jewish state, only to behold the untrammeled fury set against them by the neocons.

Yikes (Israelis freaking out)
A universalism to the pleas from Cairo’s streets
State Dept organised according to Al Arabiya – Al Jazeera correspondents have been released but equipment has been seized. Update live: #egypt #aljazeera #tahrir
Now what happened in Iran in 1979?
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The Egyptian masses won’t play ally to Israel
Noticing my distress, the other detainee whispered: ‘I’m sorry. This is not Egypt. This is Mubarak’
‘Mega protest’ planned in Egypt : Egyptian protesters have called for a massive demonstration on Tuesday in a bid to force out president Hosni Mubarak from power. The so-called April 6 Movement said it plans to have more than a million people on the streets of the capital Cairo, as anti-government sentiment reaches a fever pitch.’
Al-Jazeera appeals for social media help in Egypt
Egypt – Al Jazeera reporters still tweeting
Al Jazeera undeterred by Egypt curb
Egypt’s Mubarak opens door to talks with rival political parties – Mubarak propaganda, blaming MB
Regime throws information blackout over Egypt
U.S. role in Egypt crisis “shameful”-Chavez
‘Israel provides weapons for Egypt’
Egypt: America’s Loud Rejection of Mubarak and Silent Delightful Approval of Omar Suleiman
Revolutionary Middle East Change
An Arab revolution fueled by methods of the West
All eyes on Egypt’s military as Hosni Mubarak fortifies position
Supporters of freedom, right? – ‘So as Mubarak attempts to foist his torturer-in-chief upon the Egyptian populace, the very least Australia can do – given its past connections with the barbarisms of the regime – is make an unambiguous statement of support for the people against the dictatorship.’
Clinton calls for ‘real democracy’
Who will protect Israel on the Egyptian front? – ‘With a different Egypt, one that could react harshly, and with oil prices threatening to climb precipitously, the slim chance of an American assent to an Israeli strike in Iran – thought by some to be the main reason for Barak’s support of Yoav Galant as chief of staff – fades to zero. The decision of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to indict Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, pending a hearing, could remove Yisrael Beiteinu from the coalition and bring elections forward, to this summer.’
Mubarak orders state subsidies (bribes)
Thousands defy curfew in Egypt
The Socialist Roots Of The Egyptian Protests
ElBaradei, Muslim Brotherhood Offer Political Path Out of Egyptian Confrontation
Egypt protests: Hosni Mubarak in frantic bid to cling on to power
Egypt and Israel: What’s next? – ‘Eli Shaked, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, talks about the future relationship of Israel with Egypt’ US taking developments in Egypt in a unqieu way – they have expressed opinions which may be right for US needs. There will be no democracy in Egypt before or after elections.’
Mubarak tells new PM to cut prices, blames rioting on Islamists
Groton Guard detachment is heading to Egypt (this is dated the 24th, so ordinary deployment?)
Who Is Omar Suleiman?
Former officials, scholars warned of coming instability in Egypt
The revolution shall not be starved
Egypt Lies I Read on Twitter: Debunking Rumors and Misinformation on the #Jan25 Uprising

Tunisia Links

Tracking down the Ben Ali and Trabelsi fortune
Tunisian women demand equality and secularism

Palestine / Israel Links

African Union declares support for Palestine
Huckabee: Jews should be able to live ‘anywhere in Israel’

Chile pushes for boycott of products of Israeli colonies

Israel’s human rights abuses in the name of security
Israel officials lay cornerstone for new Jewish East Jerusalem neighborhood
Gov’t approves proposal declaring pirate radio ‘aerial terror’
PA Prevents Demonstrations in front of Egyptian Embassy in Ramallah
Gaza-Egypt border sealed indefinitely
MK Dov Khenin: Video of cops beating Dahmash family, shouting “Go to Gaza,” exists and must prompt investigation
Is the Palestinian Authority cracking down on Egypt solidarity demonstrations? (Updated, and yes they are)
Religious group aims for yet another Jewish settlement, in Jaffa – Israel’s repellent ethnosupremacism
From Jaffa to Cairo all people power is revolutionary
Egypt’s uprising and its implications for Palestine
Cyprus recognizes Palestinian states within 1967 borders
As Egypt drama unfolds, Gaza Hamas backers hope for change, easing of blockade
Egypt on the mind as Merkel brings ministers to Israel
Hamas closes Gaza’s southern border
Israel boycott sparks furor, death threats
Right wing group hijacks BDS protest – new tactic?
A new investigation into the death of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has revealed that he had been poisoned by a lethal dose of thallium in his food or drinking water.

Wikileaks Links
WikiLeaks founder warns of huge leak as last resort
2011-01-31: The Guardian and The Telegraph Falsely Incriminate Bradley Manning:

‘The primary source for the Lamo-Manning chatlog is the ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, who claims that it is a record of a sequence of instant message discussions he had with Bradley Manning. In recent months, a concerted investigation was carried out into the trustworthiness of Adrian Lamo, in the light of serious discrepancies in the narrative he had given to various media about the content of the chatlogs. The results of this investigation are to be found on FDL.

The investigation recommends the conclusion that Adrian Lamo is not a trustworthy source, and casts doubt on the provenance of the Lamo-Manning chatlog.

Worryingly, the Guardian editorial position appears, according to the Telegraph, to be that the Lamo-Manning chatlog can be treated as the testimony of Bradley Manning himself.

Last night Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, defended the decision to name Mr Manning as the source of the material, saying it was a matter of record that the soldier had openly admitted to being the source of the data.

If The Guardian has no new information, it is exceptionally irresponsible to treat the Lamo-Manning chatlog as sufficient evidence to speak of Bradley Manning as Wikileaks’ source. It appears, from the Telegraph’s quotation, that Leigh and Harding have used the chatlog as a source to present a reconstructed narrative – a move which is likely to present a seductive version of events for the general public wherein Manning was in fact the source.

WikiLeaks’ Assange ‘dressed as old woman’ to evade CIA: book

60 Minutes Video – WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Pt. 1

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