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Palestine/ Israel Links

Israel asked Palestinian Authority to kill al-Aqsa commander
Secret Palestine documents expose sham “peace process”
Breaking: 11 year old child arrested in Nabi Saleh
Israel rejects Palestinian capitulation
Warcrim Tony Blair criticised for ‘Israeli bias’ & advocating “an apartheid-like approach”
‘Black Swan’ director against Israel boycott

Other Links

ElBaradei sensing an opportunity for 2011 presidential run? “If the Tunisians have done it, Egyptians should get there too,” the former UN nuclear watchdog chief told Der Spiegel for an interview to be published on Monday.
Egypt’s government forbids more protests
Tunisia asks Interpol to issue arrest warrant against ousted president – where’s the 1.5 tons of gold, Ben Ali?
Healthy man in a sick Europe
Dr. Helen Caldicott : If You Love This Planet : Sundays at 3 pm EST
France deplores protests in Egypt
Demonstrations were held in Cairo yesterday demanding the ouster of President Mubarak and calling for reforms. This was inspired by recent events in Tunisia and by the works of our talented Associate, Carlos Latuff.
Mubarak’s son, family fly out to UK: reports
The Egyptian consulate in Britain was more forthcoming than the UK Home Office (see 12.38pm) on the reports that Gamal Mubarak (son of Hosni) and his family have fled to London amid the protests, my colleague Sam Jones tells me. A spokesman said to him:

We deny it. I assume he is in Cairo, but he’s not in London. That’s the truth of the matter.

The spokesman, who said the reports had originated on the US-based website, Akhbar Al-Arab, would not comment on whether Gamal Mubarak had any plans to flee Egypt.”
Police crackdown in Tunisia meets resistance
Robertson accepts US law award with warning to back off Assange
Aborigines must join in debate, says Aunty Doreen Linda Burney