Iran : Current Convenient Existential Threat for Ziostan

In an article unwisely gloating about the success of the Stuxnet hit on Iranian nuclear energy development, Yossi Melman in Haaretz gets one thing right:

Israel will not attack Iran. At least not in the next few years. It will not attack, first and foremost, because the United States opposes such a move. Israel has never taken any independent step on a strategic issue of global importance without first coordinating or consulting with its allies, or at least without reaching the conclusion that the move would be received favorably in Washington.

Also in Haaretz, examining Barak’s defection from the Labor Party, Aluf Benn opines in contrast with Melman:

Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu share a worldview. Both enjoy smoking cigars and reading biographies of Winston Churchill. Both consider Israel a Western bastion in the heart of a hostile Muslim world. Both do not trust the Arabs and believe that there is “no partner” on the Palestinian side. And both consider the Iranian nuclear program a major threat to Israel and support a military operation against it.

The press conference of former Mossad chief Meir Dagan undermined the view of Barak and Netanyahu: If the timetable for an Iranian bomb has been pushed back to 2015, there is no need to send the bombers to Natanz this year. But they have not given in. Barak’s political-security chief at the Defense Ministry, Amos Gilad, was quick to warn that the Iranian timetable is even shorter, and Dagan took back some of his statements yesterday at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, apparently under pressure by the prime minister.

Netanyahu and Barak have hinted over the past two weeks that Israel is on the verge of a surprising diplomatic move. In his address to foreign reporters, Netanyahu promised that in 2011 “the truth will emerge” about who really wants peace in the region.

Well, Nutanyahoo, we have just seen who wants democracy in the region, and it isn’t you – for you, arab democracy is also a threat. Yet while people’s rights are being trampled, there will not be peace. Anyone who has actually experienced the fascist boot on their neck knows this. Therefore Nutanyahoo really doesn’t want peace either. Ziostan is at 144th position on the Global Peace Index. The Dark Prince mistakes peace for the sinister calm that follows genocide of Palestinians and home demolitions, whilst manufacturing convenient exaggerated threats from neighbours with no intention of attacking Ziostan. Thus Ziostanian militarism and its totalitarian drive for expansionism is sustained, the neocolonial defence industry is happy, Ziostan retains a preemptive claim on victimhood and support from Ziostan’s neocolonial sponsors and Ziostan-first lobby is ensured.

Rinse and repeat. Iraq yesterday, Iran today, then who’s next to be demonised by Ziostan from the ‘hostile sea of Arabs’ which surround it, regarded as undeserving of rights the Ziostanian ruling elite take for granted?

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