Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

How to turn round nations with ill intent for their own people and others? impossible with leaders who speak about ‘peace and security’ but not ‘peace and freedom’ or ‘peace and justice’ for all.

Akiva Eldar wonders if Russia’s move is a subtle message to the zionists that the US has had quite enough of Netanyahu’s bullying. Russia has followed several Latin American countries and Norway in affirming recognition of the state of Palestine.

Due to the sanctions, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made do with a visit to Jericho, where he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Medvedev took advantage of the visit to confirm Moscow’s 1988 recognition of a Palestinian state. He declared that Russia will continue supporting the Palestinians’ right to an independent state whose capital is East Jerusalem.

Yet can recognition of a Palestinian state really create a sovereign state free from Israeli brutality and occupation, causing removal of the terrible checkpoints and illegal settlements which slice up the West Bank? Not while Netanyahu sticks to the outrageous demands in his Bar Ilan speech and the Likud platform which is against any Palestinian state at all remains intact. nor is it realistic to think that 600,000 plus Israeli jews who infest the West Bank illegally will evacuate without turmoil. Nor can I see the US supporting or abstaining from the condemnation of Israel’s disgusting settlement policies in a forthcoming UN Sec Council resolution. Akiva Eldar perceives that either US veto or abstinence will not bode well for Israel.

Another interesting question: Did Medvedev say what he did despite U.S. President Barack Obama, or did the latter hint to the Russians that he would not be sorry if they sent Netanyahu a message that the diplomatic impasse is not working in his favor? A partial answer to this will emerge in the coming days, when the U.S. decides whether to veto a UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel’s settlement policy.

The Arabs, it seems, prepared a brilliant trap for the Americans: They decided the Lebanese delegation would be the one to bring the resolution before the Security Council. The Americans surely realize that to veto a resolution by their ally, Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, would cause rejoicing in Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s bunker. For such a veto, Israel will have to pay.

Netanyahu is following David Ben-Gurion’s rule: It doesn’t matter what the gentiles say; what matters is what the Jews do. But Netanyahu is no Ben-Gurion. And the gentiles are no longer the same gentiles.

The only real solution which can produce justice and peace is one state with equal rights for all – and perhaps soon under the sustained, growing pressure of international boycotts, divestments and sanctions, the zionist oppressor will have no choice but to cooperate. All other paths can only bring more genocide of Palestinians, and increasing self-delegitimisation by Israel. US support for the ziocolony may not be lost this year, yet will happen eventually if Israel continues on its current thieving, human-rights abusing, murderous course.

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Bye, bye, Barak, may the door hit your warmongering duplicitous arse on the way out. Barak may as well be Likud.

On the Wikileaks front, dear old Phillip Adams stands up for justice and Julian Assange.

This is a statement from Australian broadcaster Phillip Adams. It was read at a WikiLeaks support rally in Sydney on January 15, 2011. Mr Adams is an Advisory Board member of WikiLeaks and a highly respected Australian media presenter.

“First right-wing bloggers called for Assange’s assasination. Now voices in Washington want ‘the death penalty on the table’ if they can get him into a US court. I’m proposing we put him up for sainthood – but after Wikileaks leaks on the Vatican that may be out of the question.

Thirteen years ago we decided that Late Night Live (ABC Radio – heard around Australia and the world), needed a ‘cyber-space’ correspondent to tell us what was going on in that parallel universe. So the well-informed Suellete Dreyfus came on board as a regular commentator. That year she introduced me to a young hacker called, yes, Julian Assange – a leading member of what she described as ‘the underground’.

Now, that’s a term with very proud associations – particularly with those in France who bravely fought the Nazi occupiers – and this seemed a bit of a stretch between blowing up railway tracks and hacking into computers.. Nonetheless even I could see the potential of this new era of subversion – to fight the mighty powers and monoliths in politics, finance, media and even religion.

So when Julian contacted me a few years back – to outline his ideas for Wikileaks – I was delighted to join his advisory board. As I’ve been pointing out to the CIA (and others in the spook trade) while Julian hasn’t been asking me for advice I’m happy to maintain my unswerving support for what he and Wikileaks have done to embarrass our masters. The big game has been changed forever – the mighty will always be looking over their shoulders and find it harder to lie. Or at least find new ways to do it. Democracy is being democratised, tyrannies exposed and millions who’ve been fed bullshit for generations are now able to confirm their suspicions. Any attempt to hand over Assange to the US – or any other country seeking to silence Wikileaks. – must be resisted. Australian governmental attacks on Wikileaks? A disgrace”.

Phillip Adams AO

This Statement was issued to, and read at, the WikiLeaks support rally in Sydney, Australia on January 15, 2011.

Phillip Adams is an Australian broadcaster, film producer, writer and social commentator. He currently hosts a radio program, Late Night Live, four nights a week on the ABC (Australian national broadcaster), and he also writes a weekly column for the News Limited-owned newspaper, The Australian. Mr Adams is on the Advisory Board of Wikileaks.

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