Viral Anonops Paperstorm Campaign

Download Wikileaks posters and other paraphenalia for Operation Paperstorm.

While you are at it, please vote here for signs to go on buses in Seattle highlighting Israeli war crimes.

PaperstormToday’s Wikileaks Links

Julian Assange Calls ABC News Reporter ‘Tabloid Schmuck’ And Walks Off When Asked About Rape Charges
Freed Assange launches attack on ‘illegal and aggressive’ US investigation
Assange denounces ‘business McCarthyism’
Wikileaks and the Moral Dualism of the U.S. State Department
Robert Fisk: Stay out of trouble by not speaking to Western spies
Not-So-Gentle Persuasion: US Bullies Spain into Proposed Website Blocking Law
Joe Biden v. Joe Biden on WikiLeaks – Glenn Greenwald slices through absurd US prevarications
Why Israel has not figured in Wikileaks yet – unfortunately titled post by Asad Abukhalil as there are several cables dealing with Israel and Palestine which I’m annotating on this site.
John Pilger: Swedes are smearing him and encouraging the US – this article refers to the Guardian annotation of Swedish allegations.
Is Julian Assange being railroaded or will European Court on Human Rights derail the train
WikiLeaks’ lesson on Haiti
US embassy cables: ICC prosecutor alleges Bashir secret fortune of $9bn
US embassy cables: US sought to press new EU chief on rendition
WikiLeaks cables: Julian Assange says his life is ‘under threat’
Bank of America Suspends Payments to WikiLeaks
The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control
Opinion: WikiLeaks and its anti-Semitic spokesmen
WikiLeaks founder not welcome at Davos forum
‘Hope Is Action’: Hedges and Ellsberg Arrested at White House Protest
WikiLeaks’ Assange gets leaked on
Julian Assange’s Secret Patron
Wikileaks: MPAA, RIAA and BSA Lobbied for HADOPI
WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia’s Arm to Invade Somalia
Julian Assange like a hi-tech terrorist, says Joe Biden
Wikileaks Show Why Washington Won’t Allow Democracy in Haiti
US Pressured Italy to Influence Judiciary with CIA Renditions

Today’s Australian Wikileaks Links

Policy failure puts Fiji on brink of ruin
US pressure over Saddam scientist
Julian Assange Don’t Shoot the Messenger stamps
Aussie “journalist” repeats “get Iran” mantra of her Zionist lobby friends

Today’s Palestine / Israel Links

The orphaned Israeli left
U.S. military chief: We are ‘very ready’ to counter Iran – more US lies about Iran’s intentions
UN: Israel demolished 47 Palestinian structures in one week
New York-based rabbi: Letter forbidding rental to Arabs endangers Jews abroad
Bantustan on track : Palestinian PM: Plan to declare statehood by 2011 remains on track
Hasbara joke of the day : Clinton a danger to Israel
Book review: “Spy Trade” details history of Israel lobby in the US
Arab states preparing UN resolution against Israeli settlements
Marrickville Council first to support the boycott Israel campaign
On Clinton’s sycophantic, racist speech on Israel
MNA Khadir in Quebec urges boycott of shoe store selling shoes made in apartheid Israel
Ladysmith Black Mambazo plans to break the boycott against Israel and play there – disgraceful
US Senators can’t handle the truth about apartheid Israel – Seeking Boycott of Durban 111
‘Israeli War Crimes’ signs to go on Metro buses
Obama’s failure has served to expose Israeli intransigence here and abroad
Palestinian farmer watches settlers burn 19 of his sheep, killing 12
Disorganized Priorities (as usual) – housies have other things to do.
Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal : HRW Report on Israeli apartheid
NGO Monitor’s scurrilous response to the HRW report
Palestinians embark on the ‘Intifada of Graves’ – the evil Israeli occupier objects to Palestinians burying their dead on Palestinian land
Zionism is the chauvinist poison which renders Israel as a deadend toxic ghetto.
Settlers Destroy Farms and Trees Near Nablus, Unleash Dog on 66-year-old
“Boycott Sabra and Tribe Hummus” guerilla advertising spotted in San Francisco
The State of Israel Against Freedom of Expression
High Court ruled tax breaks based on location discriminate against Arab communities but government ignored ruling
Kosovo organ donor ring: the Israeli connection
S. African politicians ‘beaten up by IDF’ – Parliament members say ‘shoved’ by soldiers during anti-Israel protest in village near Bethlehem last week.
Netanyahu: Peace process deadlock not the reason for attacks on Israel
Refugees’ flat torched in Ashdod – Burning tire thrown at apartment’s door; five Sudanese nationals lightly hurt
Israel can’t defeat Hezbollah – Israeli expert
Human Rights Watch report: West Bank ‘separate but unequal’ – dastardly NGO Monitor glowering at the end

Other Links

Afghans: Victimized by Conflict, Occupation, Extreme Deprivation and Genocide
US drones slaughter 54 in Pakistan
Who is worthy of ‘self determination’ in Iraq
Scale of Walsh cover-up by church breathtaking
10,000 Belarusians protesting against election
Uladzimir Niakliaeu, leader of the opposition movement “Za Praudu” (“For Truth”) and several of his people were badly beaten today by people in dark camouflage.
Minsk, Protests
Bite Me : An evolutionary case for cannibalism.