Hold Human Rights Abusing States to Account

For the minimisation of war and oppression, for a real chance of human survival and sustainability of the planet’s resources, all states should submit to international law, and most especially the rogue hegemon. Despite some easing in US stance since Obama took office, the empire still rejects the expansion of the role of the International Criminal Court in order to protect its war criminals. Further, US embassy advices denote the Council of Europe courts as “an organization with an inferiority complex and, simultaneously, an overambitious agenda”. Of particular annoyance to the US is the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), described as “an irritant”:

The ECHR will block the extradition of prisoners to non-COE countries if it believes they would be subject to the death penalty or torture. It has also requested more information on pending British extradition cases to the U.S. where it believes the prisoners might be sentenced in the U.S. to life imprisonment with no possible appeal or automatic judicial review of the life sentence.

In another Wikileaks cable, the US sought to pressure the incoming COE Secretary General on its vile renditions.

Jagland can be expected to criticize the U.S. for the death penalty; he may, however, be less enthusiastic than the previous SecGen, Terry Davis (UK), in publicly criticizing renditions, particularly if we review such issues with him soon.

If the flagging US empire wishes to be respected, then it should set an example which is beyond reproach. Yet in its latest outrage documented in the video below, the US hypocritically abandons a peaceful Palestinian activist protesting Israeli land theft, apartheid and violence.

Protection by the US and cronies of fascist, apartheid land thief, Israel, is unconscionable and unsustainable. Boycott, divest and sanction from the illegal occupier, Israel, now!

On the Australian home turf, Mrs. Grundy aka @JuliaGillard needs to apologise to Julian Assange for her loose-lipped betrayal. The ALP is sagging in the precious polls it permits to dictate its machinations – how long shall it be before Assange’s ‘Jerilderie letter’ prophecy is fulfilled:

Has there been any response from the Australian government to the numerous public threats of violence against me and other WikiLeaks personnel? One might have thought an Australian prime minister would be defending her citizens against such things, but there have only been wholly unsubstantiated claims of illegality. The Prime Minister and especially the Attorney-General are meant to carry out their duties with dignity and above the fray. Rest assured, these two mean to save their own skins. They will not.

The writing is on the wall for the Labor Party – regardless of the pusillanimous prospect of US and Israel’s disapproval, the party’s true left must be empowered or those remaining within it who value truth, justice and Australian sovereignty above sycophancy and treachery will continue to bleed to the Greens, the only party which has any right to hold its head high.

Send hope to 800 children and unaccompanied minors in immigration detention in Australia this Christmas – let them know you care about them and are hoping they are released from detention soon.

As Australians shudder briefly at the death toll from the refugee shipwreck at Christmas Island before returning to important issues of last minute card-sending, present-buying and turkey roasting, few commentators discuss the prime reasons for many refugees heading to Australia – that they flee from the results of wars in which Australia is participating, has participated or supports, and ironically, despite the monstrous Howard wedges and the gruesome legacy of the racist White Australia policy, Australia’s overseas image remains one of a land of the easygoing dinkum Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin fair go instead of a despicably racist polity represented and inflamed by opportunistic politicians. I remember some years ago when a bemused Iraqi refugee who had braved the perils of several seas to reach temporary sanctuary was interviewed on Nauru. He said “if we’d known Australia didn’t want us, we wouldn’t have come here”.

It is significant too that the number of people who overstay their holiday visas with an intention to remain permanently is far higher than the numbers of asylum seekers and these folks are not treated as criminals and thrown into mandatory detention.

‘It is estimated that over 50,000 people are overstaying their Australian visa and living in the country illegally, with the majority coming from China, Malaysia, the US, and Britain.’

In comparison, Australia’s Humanitarian Program for 2009-10 assisted 13,770 people, including a mere 6003 refugees.

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