Why Israel ‘Peace’ Negotiations Are Always Fake

These are the truths a twitter friend in Gaza told me during the Cast Lead massacre: 8/1/09

@rafahkid: ‘Israel can’t survive w/out resources on Palestinian land. This is why there’s no peace. If Palestine was allowed Israel would choke’.

@rafahkid: ‘Binational state? Not a chance because #Israel has to be Jewish. Two states? Not a chance because Palestine has the resources. So, we die.’

@rafahkid: ‘#Gaza truth. #Israel has to destroy Palestine if it is to survive. The world has chosen Israel. Excuse us while we die without surrender’

@rafahkid: ‘Palestine will accept #Israel but Israel can never accept Palestine. If we gave up ROR & had ’67 borders then Israel would cease to be viable.’

@rafahkid: ‘Wouldn’t mind if people acknowledged these truths but instead they pretend it’s the fault of Palestinian people…and call Hamas terrorists.’

@rafahkid: ‘Hello Israel. We actually want peace but your masters are lying to you. Pls visit #Gaza yourselves (now is not a good time) & you will see’

Jinjirrie: So, folks, now you know why ‘peace’ talks are a cover for accelerated Israeli land theft, and a means to obscure ongoing genocide by Israel

Jinjirrie: For #Israel Palestinians are surplus sub-humans, inconvenient impediments. & the US colludes with Israel in its sick deceptions. #imperialism

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