Unleashed Cricket Venom at the ABC

There’s an offside article at ABC Unleashed today by Dileep Premachandran which disingenuously insinuates that it was Pakistani extremist elements who were responsible for the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Here’s an expanded version of my comment at ABC Unleashed.

“Try telling that to those indoctrinated into a more poisonous faith, those infected with the virus of extremism.”

That’d be RAW, the Indian Intelligence Force, who appear to have been the perpetrators of the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers. Payback for the Sri Lankan government’s pursuit of the LTTE and/or the Mumbai terrorism?

From the UK Telegraph:

“A leaked report from Punjab’s Crime Investigation Department (CID), passed to Pakistani papers reveals that authorities were warned almost six weeks ago, of a plot and urged the all security agencies in the state and federal governments to take special precautions to protect the visitors.

The report identifies the Indian intelligence service, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), as the force behind the plot – an accusation regularly traded between India and Pakistan – but specifically identified the drive between their hotel and the stadium as the scene of the attack.

Pakistani newspapers quoted the report, dated January 22nd 2009, warning:”It has reliably been learnt that RAW (Indian intelligence agency) has assigned its agents the task to target Sri Lankan cricket team during its current visit to Lahore, especially while travelling between the hotel and stadium or at hotel during their stay.

“It is evident that RAW intends to show Pakistan a security risk state for sports events, particularly when the European and the Indian teams have already postponed their proposed visits considering it a high security risk to visit Pakistan .Extreme vigilance and heightened security arrangements indicated.” A further letter from Punjab’s then chief minister Shahbaz Sharif’s office to Lahore’s Inspector-General of Police and security ministers, requested extra security protection for the tourists. “The chief minister has seen the enclosed source report and has desired that every effort may be made for the security of the Sri Lankan cricket team during its current visit to Lahore. He has further desired that extreme vigilance and heightened security arrangement may be made to avert any untoward incident,” his officials wrote.

More pertinent evidence is presented at Grande Strategy:

“Bags of ammunition was left in front of Al-Fatah store in neighborhood of Gulberg. Weapons left behind included 84mm Carl Gustav recoiless rifles, controversially a standard issue weapon to the Indian Army, a weapon not typically found with the Taliban.

Carl Gustavs are of Swedish origin and exported to the Indian army and never exported to the Mujahideen. RPG-22 rocket propelled anti-tank grenades, another standard issue for the Indian special forces (and another weapon less typical for the Taliban who more typically prefer RPG-7s) was also used. A senior defense correspondent, while remaining anonymous, states that the choice of weapons as well as other evidence, clearly indicates India’s hand in the present attack and is being seen as a “response” to the Mumbai attacks.

Terrorist attacks perpetrated by RAW have many previous precedents but given the present sensitivities and the Indian reaction to the Mumbai attacks, they could prove to be a catalyst for heightened tensions between the two beleaguered neighbors.”

Further, a coverup is afoot in the Punjab.

The Punjab governor on Thursday claimed that the CID report on RAW’s plan to attack the Sri Lankan cricket team was not provided to him or to his key official by the outgoing chief minister and his chief secretary. However, the facts show that following the imposition of governor’s rule, Taseer removed six key officials, who were in possession of the CID report, including the then-chief secretary Javed Mehmud, the then-IGP Shaukat Javed, the then-CCOP Pervez Rathore, the then-secretary to the chief minister Dr Tauqir, the then-secretary (coordination) to the chief minister Dr Ajmal and SSP (operations) Lahore Chaudhry Shafiq.

These officers were replaced by Taseer’s trusted men, including Khalid Farooq, appointed as Punjab IGP; Najibullah Malik, who was made chief secretary; Haji Habibur Rehman came as CCOP Lahore; Ahmad Nawaz Sukhaira, the principal secretary to the governor is now the secretary to the provincial chief executive; Tariq Najib Najmi is the new secretary coordination while Amjad Saleemi has been brought in as DIG (operations) Lahore. From amongst the top concerned officers only home secretary Nadeem Asif remained unchanged.

Analysis from the Frontier Post includes:

The overwhelming body of evidences is available that the Lahore carnage is being supported by the RAW agency and there are equally several veiled accusations that India’s involvement cannot ruled out because India was unhappy with Sri Lanka’s cricket tour to Pakistan.


In this regard, Indian establishment always disliked growing Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s diplomatic and strategic relationship and feeling threat for their hegemonic designs. India’s security establishment does not like Pak-Sri Lanka defence cooperation and they also have reservation about Sri Lanka’s tilt towards Pakistan. It is interesting to note that India has already refused to meet Colombo’s needs with regard to lethal weapons and at the same time, they want to disturb cordial relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka with regard to the charting strategy against the country’s territorial integrity. In reality, diplomatic and strategic relations between Sri Lanka and Pakistan are not a new phenomenon because both countries have long-time understanding and close association. However, presently Islamabad is one of the Colombo’s largest suppliers of military equipment and it has no problem to supply lethal weapons to Sri Lanka for its counter-insurgency operations.

So, India wants to prevent Pakistan from gaining more ground in the region and for this purpose, in the recent past RAW arranged blast through LTTE on August 14, 2007 and targeted Bashir Wali Mohammed, Pakistan’s outgoing High Commissioner to Sri Lanka because of the defence cooperation between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. In this context, RAW has a long history of subversive activities in South Asian countries, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They are sponsoring sabotage and separatists movements to Balkanize the countries and for this purpose they are creating instability, political anarchy, and terrorism and always exploiting racial, cultural, sectarian, religious differences for further deteriorating the conditions to other countries.

Copies of the original CID documents are available at Teeth Maestro. The document’s main points are:

1. It has reliably been learnt that “RAW” (Indian Intelligence Agency) has assigned its agents the task to target Sri Lankan Cricket Team during its current visit to Lahore, especially while traveling between the hotel and stadium or at the hotel during their stay
2. It is evident that RAW intends to show Pakistan as a security risk state for sports events particularly when European and India teams have already postponed their proposed visits considering it a high security risk to visit Pakistan.
3. RAW has also collected photographs of leaders of Jamaat-ud-Daawa (Proscribed) and its establishment to target them
4. Extreme vigilance and heightened security arrangements indicated

The ABC owes the honourable sport of cricket a more complete coverage of the Lahore attack.

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  1. Interesting material Fringe. It’s certainly yet another in the seemingly endless succession of ‘atrocities’ in which all is probably not how it’s presented by the mainstream western media. I’d hoped when Congress got back into power in India that provocations against Pakistan might subside. If RAW is behind these latest attacks, is out (a) acting under Indian Government orders (b) out of control, or (c) controlled – or at least effectively subverted, from time to time – by an outide force?

    It seems to me, given the Zionists propensity for using terror as a tactic, as well as Israeli spooks’ long-standing involvement in the Indian subcontinent and ties with India, the Sri Lankans and the Tamil Tigers (all documented by Victor Ostrovsky more than a decade ago), that the Israelis are worthy of consideration as suspects as well. They would know that the Indians would blame the Pakistanis and vice versa. All this is great for Israel’s arms trade (it’s now the largest single military supplier to India) and keeps Pakistan destabilized. Ben Gurion would indeed be pleased. You may recall his famous remark, made several decades ago, that he perceived Pakistan to be Israel’s number one enemy.

    1. Still not sure about the perps of this one. Theories abound, motives are all suspect.

      As far as the Israelis go, they sold weapons and training to both sides in the Sri Lankan conflict, and they sell weaponry to India. Destabilisation of Pakistan is convenient for all players in the now rather dreary great game – it gives them continued justification for their meddling in the region. As some analysts have pointed out, the Mumbai terror attack did not designate India as a ‘failed’ state, yet when terror occurs in Pakistan, Islam is branded and Pakistan labelled thus.

      1. From Kashmir Watch:

        Much of the Islamic world is made to fear Islam as terrorist religion and Muslim leaders are not inclined to support Sharia’ for fear of losing their wealth made through illegal and immoral means. Iran is under virtual siege by the US-led NATO-cum-Israel. Although USA and Israel make a big fuss about nuclear threat emanating form Tehran, it is the Islamic nature of Iran that is threatening to the anti-Islamic nations, more than nuclear aspect. After the fall of Saddam Hussein, now Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has emerged a threat to US-Israel, because they are somewhat serious about their religion.

        The Pentagon-CIA, Mossad, RAW-IB, SIS, among others, have been working extra time to derail any Islamic faith taking roots any where in the world and what they promote is anti-Islamic moorings every where and Muslims are encouraged to follow western “outlook”. Trend has come to such an extent that Muslims are afraid of keeping beards as part of their faith. Every thing is decided by others for Muslims. They know that Muslims would not unearth the secret “understanding” of the forces against Islam. The opportunity came immediate with cricket matches between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Pakistan. The terrorist seemed to have tried to kill them in the hotel where they stayed, but failed and struck on the way to the stadium.

  2. From The Times:

    The man suspected of being the mastermind behind last week’s attack on the Sri Lanka cricket team escaped a police raid on his home in a village in northern Pakistan yesterday, security sources have told The Times.

    They identified him as Mohammed Aqeel, a member of the banned Islamic militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which has close links to al-Qaeda and has been active in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

    Mr Aqeel fled his home in Khauta district, about 30 miles from Islamabad, the capital, before the raid, the sources said.

    One of his associates, identified only by the name of Talat, was arrested, the sources said, without giving any further details about Mr Aqeel or Mr Talat.

  3. From The Daily Times:

    Investigators have not found any concrete evidence so far of involvement of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba in the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore last week and see the evidence of a ‘foreign hand’ behind the incident, Interior Adviser Rehman Malik told the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior on Monday.

    The committee discussed law and order across the country, the Lahore terrorist attack and efforts for the release of abducted United Nations official John Solecki.

    Rehman Malik said the investigation into the Lahore attack was moving in a positive direction and the leads gathered so far provide sufficient evidence of involvement of a foreign hand in the terrorist attack.

    India was using Afghanistan’s soil against Pakistan, he told the committee.

  4. From LankaWeb News:

    Why don’t the so-called Indian analysts recall the repeated statements of the Indian politicians and most particularly of Pranab Mukrji, the Indian foreign minister who most of the time times acts as the spokesman of RAW. After the Mumbai attacks he has been uttering very offensive and hateful language for Pakistan Army and the ISI, blaming these two for the Mumbai attacks. He has been threatening Pakistan for all possible ‘options’. The Lahore Attacks are surely one of those ‘possible options’ already mentioned by Mr.Mukrji. Who could be the beneficiary of the Lahore attacks; the question needs a careful pondering and the conclusion would lead us to the hidden faces behind the game.

    The statement of Abdullah Gaznavi the spokesman of Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) might help us a lot in this context. Talking to the Reuters on 6th of this March, he said, “The attack on Sri Lankan cricketers is an attack on Pakistan, Kashmiri Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba or any other religious organization cannot even think of it. The attack is the handiwork of Indian agencies to malign the freedom struggle of Kashmir and Pakistan.”

    Let us cast another look at a report which was published in most of the world news papers last January, “The 19th January provided the world with an undeniable proof that India is strongly supporting the terrorist activities of LTTe in Sri Lanka. That was really a momentous day for the Sri Lankan armed forces. CNN, IBN and other media were rife with the reports of absconding of the dreaded LTTe leader, Velupillai Prabhakran to India. It was reported that Prabhakran was picked up by two Indian military helicopters when he was in Jaffna. It was the time when the Sri Lankan troops had succeeded in tracing out his presence there and they were just about to grab him.” It was apprehended by the human rights analysts that the Indian agencies would surely exploit Prabhakran for their malicious designs and it surely happened so.

    From Kashmir Watch:

    The Indian intelligence objectives are currently parallel to those of the CIA and Mossad in regard to covert destabilization in South Asia and elsewhere. RAW ever since its creation has always been a vital, though unobtrusive, actor in Indian policy-making apparatus,” writes Isha Khan. Since its creation in 1968, RAW has been “given a virtual carte blanche to conduct destabilization operations in neighboring countries inimical to India to seriously undertake restructuring of its organization accordingly. RAW was given a list of seven countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Pakistan and Maldives) whom India considered its principal regional protagonists. India has become Dawn of South Asia and crafted systematically covert operations in all these countries to coerce destabilize and subvert them in consonance with the foreign policy objectives of the Indian Government.” and subversion. Indian has established more than 19 consulates along Pakistani Border. The most of the projects in Afghanistan is being run by Indian companies’ filled with RAW”S locals agents. The reports are there that RAW is using Individuals from Northern alliance of Afghanistan is being launched by them against Iran and Pakistan. The ethnic riots, which have continued till today, RAW has deeply penetrated and cultivated in South Asian Countries. One of the major causes of unrest in Pakistan is involvement of RAW and her master’s agencies CIA. India has deployed 8 lacs forces against Pakistan and waiting for the oppurnity to launch offensive against Pakistan. Earlier Senator McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, too confirmed that India would have gone for surgical air strikes if Pakistan did not act on the evidence provided to it on elements linked to the attacks. Former President General Mushrraf while giving interview to an India Chance very clearly mentioned that if India go for surgical strike then there will be all out war. Indian policy of becoming regional power and complete her grand design with the help of Washington is singling out the main problem of regional destabilization. She is also supporting LTTE in Sri Lanka and Tibetan movements is being funded and morally supported by India. Last year Colombo accepted the invitation of Pakistan and sent its cricket team. Indian rulers were not pleased at their decision. Besides, some Indian leaders and its media anchors had expressed their displeasure in that regard. In this connection, The Times of India, while quoting various media reports, wrote on December 28, 2008, “India is not happy with Sri Lanka’s cricket tour to Pakistan.” Independent Sunday Times reported that the decision by the then Ranatunga administration to undertake the tour “had irked the Indian authorities” and the matter had been discussed “at the highest levels in Colombo”. Therefore Indian intelligence agencies decided to punish Sri Lanka Team while hitting her in Pakistan.

  5. From The Times:

    Under pressure to produce results, police have arrested about 90 people and claim to have identified a little-known mastermind called Muhammad Aqil without specifying the group with which he is associated. Although the gunmen remained at large, at least five of those detained were believed to be local “facili-tators”. Another was Muhammad Faisal, Aqil’s roommate.

    Mobile phones discarded at the scene have been crucial in tracking suspects. Faisal and Khurram Nawaz, two brothers working at a transport hire company, were linked by a Sim card used by the terrorists.

    From Kashmir Watch:

    It is mentionable that on January 25, 2009, a Sri Lankan newspaper, Daily Mirror reported that Indian spy agency, RAW is supporting Balochistan Liberation Army to separate the largest province from the federation of Pakistan, elaborating that this agency is working to destabilise other regional countries and is also supporting the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka

    On the other side, in wake of a continued debate and rising tension between the two South Asian nuclear states in connection with the culprits of Mumbai tragedy, Pakistan has proved itself as a responsible state actor by provided reply to Indian dossier in the recent past, after admission in relation to Ajmal Kasab and arrest of some suspects which show that there are links among the non-state actors in respect of the Mumbai carnage of November 26 and Kashmiri freedom fighters. These connections were verified on February 8, when Indian Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Singh Modi disclosed that the Mumbai terror attacks could not have been carried out without internal help. Mumbai police chief Hassan Ghafoor also expressed similar thoughts. Their comments are in sharp contrast with allegations of other Indian rulers who hold Pakistan solely responsible for the Mumbai catastrophe.

    While Pakistan has not yet complete investigation in connection with the terror-attack on the Sri Lanka’s cricket team, on the same day, Indian Minister of External Affairs, Pranab Mukerjee, repeating his old rhetoric of baseless allegations against Islamabad has stated that Lahore incident and Mumbai catastrophe are part of Pakistan’s terror-infrastructure and it should dismantle terrorist training camps.

    Indian bizarre approach of mixing politics and sports is totally nonsense. In the post-Mumbai carnage, Islamabad was expecting the tour of Indian cricket team, but the former abolished the prospective trip.

    From The Telegraph UK:

    The United States and Britain remain alarmed by Pakistan’s attempts to blame India for the Lahore attack. Shortly afterwards, Pakistani officials leaked a secret report which had predicted that India’s intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) would attack the Sri Lankan cricket team to discredit Islamabad and isolate Pakistan from international cricket. Senior officials last week revealed that Pakistan’s advisor to the interior ministry, Rehman Malik, told the visiting FBI director Robert Mueller that his own intelligence reports indicated Indian involvement.

    Foreign diplomats believe this to be little more than a conspiracy designed to detract the blame from the Pakistani government’s own doorstep.

  6. From the Australian:

    PAKISTAN’S interior ministry chief said today he could not rule out foreign involvement in the Sri Lankan cricket attack, as press speculation mounted that home-grown militants were to blame.

    Six Pakistani police and two civilians were killed on Tuesday when gunmen ambushed the team en route to a Test match in the eastern city of Lahore.

    Seven Sri Lankan cricketers and a coach driver were among 19 people wounded.

    “I cannot rule out (involvement of a) foreign hand in the incident,” Rehman Malik said in Lahore.

    He was asked if Sri Lanka’s Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam could be linked to the attacks – which have triggered serious international concern about Pakistan’s ability to combat Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants.

    “We are keeping this aspect in mind,” said Mr Malik.

    Local newspapers today suggested that preliminary investigations pointed to the involvement of home-grown militant outfits, including Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which India blamed for the Mumbai attacks.

    Mr Malik’s comments appeared to contradict remarks widely attributed to him yesterday, denying any foreign involvement in the attack.

    “We have not found any leads suggesting the involvement of any religious elements,” Mr Malik said.

    But he refused to divulge information about how the probe was progressing.

  7. From the ABC:

    Pakistani police say they will wrap up an interim report into the deadly attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team within 24 hours.

    The announcement came as Britain’s foreign secretary, David Miliband, said Pakistan was facing a “mortal threat” from its internal enemies, and its security is worsening.

    Mr Miliband’s comments came after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today demanded an explanation from Pakistani authorities over the actions of security forces caught up in Tuesday’s attack in Lahore.

  8. More on the CID connection at ThaIndian News:

    Lahore, Mar.6 (ANI): Dispelling the notion that the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team took place due improper security arrangements, Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer said that the transfer of top officials had nothing to do with the terror attack.
    Taseer said that the security cover provided to the visiting Lankan team was similar to what was adopted by the Shahbaz Sharif regime. Talking to media persons here, Taseer charged the Shahbaz Sharif administration of using the January 22 CID letter which had inputs about a possible attack on the visitors, as a tool to gain political mileage.
    The letter of the CID, written on January 22, forewarning the administration that the Lankan team could be targeted by the RAW, was six weeks old and the Shahbaz administration was using it as a political tool now, while shifting the responsibility of the March 3 incident to the present government, The News quoted Taseer, as saying.
    The PML-N leaders were using all tactics to defame Pakistan, he added.
    When enquired about latest development in the Lahore attack investigation, Taseer said the authorities have arrested some persons in connection with the attack, but refused to divulge details about the probe.

    And from The News:

    As reported by this newspaper, the CID had precisely warned the provincial government on Jan 22 of RAW’s plan to target the Sri Lankan team during its visit to Pakistan. The CID, while referring to a source report, said the terrorist attack would be carried out while the Sri Lankans would be travelling “between the hotel and the stadium or at the hotel during their stay”.

    Another official document reveals the Punjab chief secretary, the IGP and top area commanders of all spy agencies were also issued a clear warning on Jan 24 that RAW had assigned its agents the task to target the Sri Lankan players while travelling between the hotel and the stadium or during their stay at the hotel.

    Issued under the signatures of the additional secretary (internal security) and tagged as “IMMEDIATE” and “CONFIDENTIAL”, the home department’s letter (NO.SO (IS.III)6-2/2006/PI-II) was addressed to the provincial police officer/IGP and additional IGP, Special Branch.

    Copy of the letter was also sent to the chief secretary, secretary to the chief minister, the joint director-general of the Intelligence Bureau, Lahore, the commanders of the Military Intelligence and the ISI and additional IGs of the CID and the Special Branch, the director (operations) of MOI (NCMC) and the sector commander of PAF’s Air Intelligence.

    In view of the intelligence report about RAW’s possible terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team, the home department directed all concerned: “It is imperative that necessary preventive and pre-emptive foolproof measures should be adopted to forestall any untoward incident, under intimation to this department.” All the recipients of the letter were requested to place special emphasis on advance information/intelligence on the subject matter.

  9. From the Globe and Mail:

    Pakistani militant groups are thought most likely to have been behind the attack. Police are also believed to be looking at the possibility of involvement by the Tamil Tigers, the separatist Sri Lankan group that has been fighting the country’s government for 25 years. While most experts consider the participation of the Tigers unlikely, there are known links between the Sri Lankan guerrillas and extremist organizations in Pakistan, especially a group called Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. According to some accounts, the Tigers and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen co-operated in the smuggling of arms in the 1990s.

  10. From the Guardian:

    The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board called a special press conference, seemingly just to respond to Broad, who yesterday castigated the Pakistani authorities, accusing the security services of fleeing the scene and leaving the visitors as “sitting ducks”.

    “If there was no security then how come six policemen died at the scene and 10 were injured?” said a furious Ijaz Butt, chairman of the PCB, at today’s press conference.

    “Chris Broad was saved. A commando jumped on him and he was the one hit by a bullet.”

    From the Media Line:

    Pakistani security officials had received a report that at least ten Indian operatives have crossed the border into Lahore 48 hours before the attacks.

    RAW is being ruled out according to this report:

    Although officials would not confirm the involvement of Lashkar, they have ruled out the possibility of involvement of the Indian spy agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam saying no evidence had been found to confirm the involvement of either group.

    Eight people, including six police, were killed when 12 gunmen attacked the bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers to the main stadium in Lahore for a test match against Pakistan.

    The attack has seriously damaged Pakistan’s reputation to host any international sporting event, including the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Bangladesh’s cricket team on Thursday announced it was postponing Pakistan’s seven-match tour of the country scheduled to start next week.

    The prime minister’s adviser on the interior, Rehman Malik, refused to comment on the progress of investigations into the attack, which has provoked fierce criticism from International Cricket Council referees, including Chris Broad, who survived the attack.

    “At this moment I can only say that investigations into the Lahore attack are going in the right direction. We have also involved the National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) to determine the identity of the attackers,” he told Dawn.

    Asked specifically about the involvement of LeT in the Lahore attack, Malik said he could not reveal anything at the moment.

    “The preliminary report will be finalised by Friday. At this moment I can only say that reports regarding the involvement of LeT are speculation,” he added.

    Later he said that Al-Qaeda could be involved in the attack. But he also noted that so far investigations had not yet found any Indian connection.

    Malik claimed that investigators had not found any link between the attackers and the Pakistani Zaki-ur-Rehman, the suspected mastermind of the Mumbai terror attacks that killed over 170 people in November, 2008.

    Lakhvi was detained by authorities on suspicion of involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks. He was detained in Muzaffarabad in December last year.

    Sri Lanka rubbishes a possible RAW connection:

    After officials in Pakistan pointed to an Indian hand in the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore on March 3, Sri Lanka has officially spoken out about allegations levelled against India for the first time, saying that there is absolutely no reason to suspect any Indian involvement in the attack on their cricketers.

    The Sri Lankan government further went on to add that it has asked for an independent enquiry to get the truth behind the horrific incident. According to informed official sources, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogolollagama told Pakistans top leaders during his talks in Islamabad on Wednesday (March 4) said, “India is fully with us. There is no question of it being involved in the terror attack.”

    This statement from the Sri Lankan official comes two days after Pakistani’s Minister of State for Shipping Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol said, “The evidence which we have got shows that these terrorists entered from across the border from India. This was a conspiracy to defame Pakistan internationally. The incident took place in reaction to 26/11. It is a declaration of open war on Pakistan by India.”

    On Thursday (March 5), Pakistan also sidestepped the blame for Lahore attack, with the CID report blaming the by Indian Intelligence Agency – the Research and Analysis Wing or RAW. According to Pakistan CID reports, there has been a clear indication towards the alleged involvement of the RAW agents involved in the attack.

    More from TimesNow.tv

    Pakistan on Friday (March 6) has pointed to an al-Qaeda hand in the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore and ruled out the involvement of India or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the incident.

    Interior Ministry Chief Rehman Malik said that al-Qaeda could have been involved in the attack. However, Malik had also brushed aside speculation about the involvement of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) or Lakhvi in the Lahore attack. “At this moment, I can only say that investigations into the Lahore attack are going in the right direction. We have also involved the National Database and Registration Authority to determine the identity of the attackers,” Malik said.

    Investigators believe that one of the attackers involved in the Lahore incident had assured Lakhvi that his followers would take revenge against Pakistani authorities for his arrest and proposed trial. Lakhvi was picked up from his camp near Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir during an operation by the army in December last year. He is currently being held on suspicion of involvement in the Mumbai attacks.

    LeT Chief Hafiz Saeed and dozens of LeT and Jamaat activists were detained during the crackdown on the two groups last year. Investigators probing the assault on the cricket team believe the attackers received commando training in the camp of LeT’s operations commander Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi as their modus operandi had similarities with that of the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks.

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