Spinning Girl
In which direction is the girl spinning, anti-clockwise or clockwise?

Can you make her spin in both directions?

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This dichotomous animation seems analogous to the shameful assassination of Benazir Bhutto yesterday. Depending on the observer, she either died from banging her head on the car sunroof, or she was shot, whilst depending on the mouthpiece, her assassins were either Al Qaeda fanatics or Musharraf supporters.

Pakistan is certainly reeling at present. Benazir’s calm resolute attitude and determination to steer the country toward democracy in the midst of impoverishment and ignorance was an inspiration. Her sainthood just might do the trick.


Bilawal takes up the cudgels on behalf of his mum – ‘democracy is the best revenge’. Take that, you dictator Musharraf. Yet in a country with minimal availability of decent education unsoaked in religious twaddle, democracy has poor soil in which to flourish. Religious madrassahs are often the only option for non-city Pakistani youth to obtain any education whatsoever. The other essential components for democracy … a free parliament and judiciary are lacking, whilst the last, a free press, like education, is limited to city areas. Musharraf has kept an iron lid on the god botherers whilst benefiting from their implementation of primitive teachings to keep the people ignorant and impotent, and the country destabilised.

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

Stephen Roberts

3 Replies to “Spinning”

  1. I can make her spin both ways, though my first perception is that she is spinning clockwise. The more I practise (concentrating on the shadow of her foot helps), the faster I can make her change direction …. so it’s not a matter of her arbitrarily changing directions.

    The arbitration is carried out by our minds which use their predominant strategy unless exercised otherwise.

  2. This is a con! She is definitely spinning clockwise–definitely. After some time and some sort of probably imagined ‘effort’ (and I’m not sure what kind of effort), I could get her to spin anticlockwise but then I thought. “Hang on a minute, if I can ‘get’ her to change direction with the power of my mind, then that really is something isn’t it?” And that should be front page news shouldn’t it?? I think she is programmed to arbitrarily change directions, giving the false impression that through the power of our minds we are governing which way she goes. Yeah right. Much as I’d like to believe in telekinesis and probably in some way do, I must conclude that in this instance it is highly unlikely.

  3. To me, she’s spinning clockwise. I’ve tried to make her spin the other way and now I have a headache. Thanks. Look at her left foot (the one she’s spinning on), how could that ever not be spinning clockwise. Am I missing something??!

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