In no uncertain terms

What will be the repercussions from today’s revelations from the internationally respected Red Cross that

Israel is using its rights as an occupying power under international law “in order to further its own interests or those of its own population to the detriment of the population of the occupied territory”.
With the the separation barrier, the establishment of an outer ring of Jewish settlements beyond the expanded municipal boundaries, and the creation of a dense road network linking Israeli neighbourhoods and settlements in and outside Jerusalem, the report says, Israel is “reshaping the development of the Jerusalem metropolitan area” with “far-reaching humanitarian consequences”.

Given the stranglehold the Zionists have on western governments, media and public opinion, and although there are signs that the support Israhell has enjoyed for its reprehensible activities are waning, probably very little.

As usual, Israhelli officials obsfucate, deny culpability, refuse to admit the validity of international law in regard to return of territories seized via warfare, and thumb their noses at warranted criticism.

Israeli officials rejected the premise that Jerusalem was an occupied territory. “It is not. Israel annexed Jerusalem in 1967 and offered full citizenship at the time to all of Jerusalem’s residents. These are facts that cannot be ignored,” a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Mark Regev said.

Israel was “committed to a diverse and pluralistic Jerusalem, to improving the conditions of all the city’s inhabitants and to protecting their interests as part of our sovereign responsibility”. He added: “If any population in Jerusalem is thriving and growing, it is the Arab population.”

Demographic facts on the ground in Jerusalem are likely to inpinge on Zionist control soon. There are also positive signs that even United Stupids dignatories are disapproving of Israhell’s past crimes in the area.

Ambassadors from European Union states are to boycott celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Israel’s conquest of Arab East Jerusalem this week – in the opening shot of what promises to be a challenging summer for Israeli diplomacy.

The United States ambassador, Richard Jones, is also expected to join the Europeans in snubbing the celebrations .

What Israelis commemorate as the “reunification” of their historic Jewish capital is seen by most of the international community, not to mention the Palestinians, as a unilateral attempt to pre-empt a key issue in any peaceful solution. One-third of the city’s 725,000 residents are Palestinians, who have opted to reject offers of Israeli citizenship. Along with most other countries, the Europeans keep their embassies in Tel Aviv.

Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestinian parliament, yesterday welcomed the European boycott as a blow for international law and peace. “The Israelis,” she said, “cannot get away with creating facts on the ground and then forcing everybody to fall in line”.

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There can be no doubt that Israhell is willing to continue to run the gauntlet in order to cling to lands it has misappropriated, that further oppression in order to accomplish this is still the primary modus operandus of the Zionist apartheid state. Such intransigence, of course, will not bring about conditions to promote a peaceful outcome for the region. Peace would mean compromises. On past performances, Israhell is unlikely to give an inch – to do so might initiate a collapse of its whole unsavoury, colonialist edifice.

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    Israhell plays the bully in an effort to stall talks between Palestinian factions which could lead to peace. Classic tactics.

    Elected Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh is threatened by the obnoxious Sneh – so how are useful negotiations to continue when the necessary political leaders are in fear of their lives from Israhelli gunships? Could it be that Israhell doesn’t actually want peace but needs to make it *look* like it wants peace?

    Once again, Israhell nastily threatens the rest of the world using the civilian population of Gaza as a human shield, saying the world must stop those nasty rockets (which have killed only *1* Israhelli since last November compared to scores of Palestinians killed by the Israhelli land-thieving oppressing butchers), or we’ll flatten Gaza and target the leadership. Those rockets may not even be sent by Hamas. Yet in its cunning game to win more land, Israhell as usual doesn’t care who it kills, as long as it kills someone non-Israhelli, and then blame non-Israhellis for the slaughter while it piously and repulsively declares it only wants “peace”. Like hell it does.

    Israhell’s deadly goals are once again crystal clear – they want the lot, all the land, all the power, no compromises, and definitely no peace talks which horror of horrors might lead to land concessions.

  2. Hi danny

    Sorry I’m not so actively writing at the mo … got a lot of work on my plate 🙁 I’d rather play!

    Israhell’s neighbours attacked it for good reason after the Zionists execution of the Nakba and presumptive gazumping of the lion’s share of the area, more than was allotted to them by the UN in 1948. Have a read at for the historical detail.

    Now, let’s imagine for one moment that some Indonesians turned up on your doorstep and drove you and your family out of your home. What would you do about it? would you hope your neighbours came to your assistance to fight back?

    Whilst I ridicule the concept of anyone dying for any mythical sky fairy, the issues in Palestine with the illegal Israhelli occupation and consequences of their land misappropriations aren’t just caused by religious belief, but by out and out land thievery and ethnic cleansing of the locals.

    Consequently, there’ll be no peace in the region without justice, which means Israhell being the more powerful party must make moves to rectify its past heinous breaches of international law.

  3. Given that Israels neighbours have all attacked it at various times, I’m not surprised about the way Israel behaves.

    When Palestinians do things like have a childrens TV show advocating dying for Allah, I have trouble having *any* sympathy for them at all.

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