Ratty’s Smelly Election Tricks

From now to the election, this list will be updated to keep track of the rodent’s nasty wedgies as he attempts to claw back lost ground. Thus far we have:

  1. The attempt to vilify teachers.
  2. The attempt to win votes by unnecessary condemnation of AIDS victims.
  3. An attempt to reinvigorate “Boatpeoplephobia”.
  4. The attempt to bash unions.
  5. Smear and muckraking, even having the cheek to try to exploit the WA crime and corruption commission prosecutions when he would NEVER implement a CCC at the federal level.
  6. The attempt to blame high interest rates on Labor.

No doubt it won’t be long before more scurrilous manouvres are added to this list.

  • May 2/07 Use of Bill Heffernan to slag off at Julia Gillard for being “deliberately barren” and thus unsuitable for public office – the rodent waits a whole day before expressing support for those requiring an apology from the Heffer.