Hicks pleads guilty to sham court

David Hicks pleads guiltyAccording to David Hicks’ dad, Terry, his son has taken the go home card offered by his jailers, pleading guilty to providing material support to terrorists “because he was desperate to escape five years of ‘hell’ in Guantanamo Bay” and return to Whorestralia.

During his Kafkesque incarceration, whilst awaiting charges to be concocted by the United Stupids military kangaroo court, Hicks has maintained his innocence.

He decided to plead guilty yesterday to one count of material support of terrorism at a late-night, unscheduled hearing of the military commission, after an apparent deal between his defence team and the prosecution.

It’s likely he will serve any sentence in a maximum security prison in South Asstralia and be home before the federal election.

The reprehensible rodent characteristically applauded Hicks’ plea as “a vindication of the military commission process”, whilst to his credit, Nat’s renegade senator Barnaby Joyce commented

“The only thing that is guilty here is the judicial process under which he was being tried.”

US war criminalsTerry and David’s sister Stephanie flew home from Guantanamo

despite being told as the aircraft was on the tarmac that Hicks was about to plead guilty. Mr Hicks had flown in earlier in the day and spent several hours with his son. They both cried. It was their first contact in more than two years.

Terry Hicks said: “He knows that John Howard and the Government is frightened that he will do something when he gets back. What the hell is he going to do? He did nothing in Afghanistan … His main aim is to come back to Australia, see his kids, and settle down.”

Blaming the Australian government for pressuring his son to plead guilty, Terry said

“They demonised him, they pre-judged him for five years. I suppose Mr Howard would be throwing his hands up with glee at the moment but as far as I’m concerned this was a way out for David regardless of whether he was guilty or innocent, we’ll never ever know now.”

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  1. Legal shenanigans by the kangaroo court judge:

    The presiding judge, Colonel Ralph Kohlmann said that Major Michael Mori’s assistant could not, at least for the moment, represent him because she was not a serving member of the military.

    The judge also decided that Hicks’s civilian lawyer, New York criminal attorney Joshua Dratel could not represent Hicks because he had not signed a form demanded by the court saying he would conform to the regulations governing proceedings.

    Mr Dratel protested strongly, saying he could not sign the form because the regulations governing the conduct of attorneys had not yet been formulated by the Secretary of Defence. He was not going to sign a blank cheque for his ethical obligations.

    The judge also ruled in his own favour when Major Mori, who was left alone at the defence table, attempted to argue that judge Kohlmann was not impartial because he had not only effectively ruled against Hicks’s defence team, but had also tried to schedule the hearing last week, when Hicks’s civil lawyer was unavailable.

    The judge also refused to follow the defence’s suggested schedule of hearings, saying it would mean that the trial would not get underway until 2008.

    The Australian Demorats and Greens today condemned the ejection of Hicks’s lawyers, saying it was further evidence of the the judicial process being rigged against the Australian.

    “That’s the problem with a kangaroo court, it makes its own rules,” Democrats leader Lynn Allison said in Canberra.

    “It’s a continued abuse of justice and of David Hicks himself.

    “We must remember this is just the beginning. It could be several years before he’s brough to trial proper.”

  2. Others suspect David Hicks has taken the only option available in the face of the kangaroo court for a quick return home.

    “He and his attorneys knew he could not receive a fair trial, so Hicks pleaded guilty,” said Marine Lieutenant Colonel Colby Vokey, the lawyer for Omar Khadr, a Canadian detainee who is expected to face charges before the commission.

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