Pynes and Needles

Those who bleat loudest about a religio-political need to control other folks’ privates quite often seem to conceal hypocritical naughty and sometimes illegal self-indulgences. Consider the burgeoning congregation of disgraced loony TVangelists and shamed Catholic clergy of recent years.

Replete with hallmark reactionary political stances on law and order, indigenous rights and people’s bodies, particularly women’s bodies, Santoro and Pyne share a taste for the hysterical holy rolling vigilante vice squad.

TONY JONES: Chris Pyne, do you believe in God?


TONY JONES: So what do you think the view of God would be towards an apology, a formal apology towards Aboriginal Australians?

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: I think the first thing is that God is always on everyone’s side, Tony.

That’s why he’s been so popular for so long, so for anyone to suggest that God is not on a particular person’s side I think misses the point, and I’m surprised that a prolate of the church would have such a view.

It lends itself more to the political bear pit than it does to the pulpit.

TONY JONES: I think you might have missed the question, though.

I mean, the question was, if you do believe in God, do you think God would have a view about whether there should or should not be a formal apology to Aboriginal people?

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: No, I don’t think God would presume to mettle in the politics of Australia or any other country.

Notwithstanding that Pyne and other wowserish fundoids indulge in this sordid political ‘mettling’ constantly on the supposed behalf of the object of their worship, the oblivious Pyne brazenly exposes himself:

I have been praying to God every year for my re-election.

So far he’s rewarded me, so I am assuming he’s on my side, which must make him a Liberal.

Pyne, the ‘junior woodchuck’, has been enlisted by the rodent to investigate Santoro. Given their shared predilections and support base, we don’t expect anything less than the shameless whitewash predicted by Wayne Swan.

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  1. Mr. Coconut claims ignorance of Santoro’s shady deals and illustrates a dismal knowledge of the stock market doing so:

    “But, under questioning from Deputy Labor Leader Julia Gillard, Mr Howard said that at no time was Mr Nutt aware of Senator Santoro’s secret shareholdings in 72 companies.

    “The reason why the discussion took place was that if you looked at the register then, manifestly because of the small number of share investments reported, there could not have been trading,” Mr Howard told Parliament.

    “What the deputy leader is getting at is the suggestion that in December of last year Mr Nutt knew of the disclosures that were made a few days ago. He did not, and any suggestion of that is absolutely wrong.”

    Wonder how many shares one has to have before Johnny thinks they are being traded?

    Doesn’t make sense. You could have just one share and trade hell out of it.

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