Gaza Bloggers Speak

From Al Jazeera’s Creative Commons Repository.

@Israelconsulate responses : Government PR on Twitter

As promised, here’s the responses I received to questions posed to Israel’s Consulate in New York, represented by Consul @DavidSaranga in a governmental world first public press conference on Twitter today. One of the aims appeared to be pushing a slick vidcast ad about life under Hamas bombing in Sderot complete with petition – perhaps . . . → Read More if you dare: @Israelconsulate responses : Government PR on Twitter

First Dog On The Moon Captures Cat

I’m admiring my new haughtily petulant, verging on malevolent, inscrutable cat avatar by divine Australian cartoonist, FirstDogOnTheMoon (@firstdogonmoon), conjured up from a photo of my companion Voldemorte, a siamese cross black cat. FirstDog inhabits the First Blog On The Moon, an inspired compendium of cheerful animal observations, biting(sic) political satire, cartoons and comics. His artwork . . . → Read More if you dare: First Dog On The Moon Captures Cat

Best of the Best 2008 lists

Somebody think of the children takes the cake with a list of the 20 worst censorship outrages in Australia in 2008. Huffington Post’s 10 Best Youtube clips Someone pointed out there might be a problem – wonder which one? Scott Bridges at New Matilda looks at Oz Political Wingnuts and Tragics for 2008. On Freedom . . . → Read More if you dare: Best of the Best 2008 lists

Invisible Shield Competition

I’m grateful for time spent away from my computers and so far have resisted acquiring a net-capable phone device to complete my transmogrification into a 24/7 netizen. I’ll be the last kid on the block with an iPhone – yet today I won an Invisible Shield for an iPhone 3G at Tech Wired Australia. The . . . → Read More if you dare: Invisible Shield Competition

Blogs as works of art

In order to return this Fringe blog to its customary topics, we’ve set up another blog where we’ll write on Blogshares issues. To kick things off, we’ve delivered some hints on how to succeed with the new maths, and set up a mission seeking out the best dead blogs for recognition and preservation. So far, . . . → Read More if you dare: Blogs as works of art

Blogfarming link notice

Notice to intended linkers … please link to this blog only if you actually read the content and are seeking to blogroll it for that purpose. Linking for hopeful BlogShares venality purposes seems to us trite and may skew the game and index, let alone do interesting things to the way google considers your site, . . . → Read More if you dare: Blogfarming link notice

Blogfarming report

The latest changes to our fav online game, BlogShares, down today with a database crash, thus far have proved quite dreary. Last year after several months our corporation, The Untouchables, once the underdog scorned by the smug in-crowd, reached and held the top position in corporate holdings consistently. Interestingly, before the current changes, certain players . . . → Read More if you dare: Blogfarming report