Blogs as works of art

In order to return this Fringe blog to its customary topics, we’ve set up another blog where we’ll write on Blogshares issues.

To kick things off, we’ve delivered some hints on how to succeed with the new maths, and set up a mission seeking out the best dead blogs for recognition and preservation. So far, there have been some absolute corkers, from lyric poetry to humorous verse, exceptionally beautiful photoblogs to memoirs of a soldier killed in Iraq.

Don’t miss them!

Blogfarming link notice

Notice to intended linkers … please link to this blog only if you actually read the content and are seeking to blogroll it for that purpose. Linking for hopeful BlogShares venality purposes seems to us trite and may skew the game and index, let alone do interesting things to the way google considers your site, if that is important to you at all.

We link out in the main to related sites … our interests are wide though, ranging from politics to humour to the environment to literature and so on.

Blogfarming report

The latest changes to our fav online game, BlogShares, down today with a database crash, thus far have proved quite dreary. Last year after several months our corporation, The Untouchables, once the underdog scorned by the smug in-crowd, reached and held the top position in corporate holdings consistently. Interestingly, before the current changes, certain players in other corps had accumulated sufficient knitting blogs to form a cartel. Prior knowledge? probably – with admin and various game ‘councils’ also being players with old time close playing buddies, the game inevitably fits Mussolini’s classic corporate fascism definition. Once the new maths commenced and the limit on links counted on blogs was removed, the game immediately favoured old time players who had already interlinked with their buddies – so their personal otherwise mainly worthless blogs hit the Top 100 quickly along with an oozing stream of ghastly repetitive knitting blogs. Since, link farms set up by avid B$ players have proliferated – we counted 7 interlinked blogs owned by one linkfarm enthusiast desperado.

Our corp is a new one, with little interlinking between its players on their blogs, yet our fighting team spirit and coordination has kept us up still in the top four regardless.

Linkfarming for game gain is very unappealing – aside from encouraging artificial link schemes per se, links looped amongst already privileged players have the net effect of feeding the wealth of the game back to those same self-congratulatory buffoons. The overall impact is to reduce players to clicking robots, reindexing blogs manually to shore up pathetic monopolies or to attack other players whilst seeking out unowned sources of treasure which die as quickly as they rise.

After the initial boom led by the old time player and knitting linkfarm circle jerk, came the crunch and current downturn. Blog behaviour has also been affected by the changes … a declining blog becomes a sick elephant, virtually impossible to elevate without a massive indexing of supporting links and a flurry of hypes. A rising blog rises slowly too. One pleasant effect is that there are more valuable blogs to ‘play’ with, though very quickly one tires of cycling endlessly to eke the last remaining shred of worth from a dog knitting stock.

So far, not good … with more changes to come, perhaps the game might improve. Otherwise, there’s always the funny Hobowars or more financially profitable Wall Street Survivor in which to spend one’s idle moments.

Protest Nepotistic Blogshares Bans

Roll up, roll up and sign here folks. We have described BlogShares in the past as the most engaging, challenging game on the planet. Let’s help it become more so by eliminating elitism and reinstating BlogShares celebrities and wizard players PnP and AXA, who have fallen foul of the wiles and guile of a hostile corp.


For more pertinent background information, visit BlogShares’ premier corporation at The Untouchables Blog.

The Untouchables on top

Our Blogshares team, The Untouchables, have triumphed!

From our leader, MNO:

“The Untouchables had a really big weekend. But today was the best of all when the interest came out, UT was #1 in shareholdings! Congratulations to the entire team and to those who worked so very hard at this milestone achievement.”

After countering a severe war and developing a streamlined unique team approach to play, our corporation has bested all comers whilst injecting fun and renewed vigour into the Blogshares game itself.

Good work folks!

As AliG would say “Keep it real”.