Slog Plog or Plog Shag?

The avante garde blogospherical catchword describing a political blog apparently is plog.

Would that make Beyond the Fringe, as a satirical, political blog, a slog plog, plog slog, stog plog, plog stog, shag plog or plog shag?

Plog Shag, whilst rolling off the tongue, reminds one of those ubiquitous, self-congratulatory, neocon, pundit plogger circle jerks – plogshaggers, the lot of them.

So what about Sharplog? Beyond the Fringe – the Essential Sharplog.

Something for the semiotically obsessed gits prancing round the pocket pissing Asstralian blogocracy to grogblog and plogshag about.

Fringe Renovations

Beyond the Fringe

Becoming bored with the creative, coding and speed limitations of Blogspot, we decided Beyond the Fringe deserved a fast new location with its own domain. We’ve employed open source WordPress software which provides the use of pages and a growing pot pourri of plugins.

With some modifications of the very versatile Mandigo theme, we’ve conjured up a look which we feel suits our aims, along with providing flexibility to change the top fringy pic easily when we feel like a change. We hope you, the jaded netsurfer, enjoy our new relaxed look! Comments are welcome. 🙂