Redneck rampage with rodents

Feral news since tamed somewhat from the crazy wild west of the United Stupids – according to the BBC on the 20th:

An angry Texas crowd has beaten and killed a 40-year-old car passenger after a driver injured a young girl near the site of a busy local festival.

Police said the driver of the car had stopped to check on the health of the girl, said to be aged three or four.

But when the passenger got out to see how she was, he was set upon by a group of up to 20 people before being left lying in a car park, police said.

The girl was hit at low speed and was not seriously injured.

The incident took place at the Juneteenth Festival in Austin, Tackysuss. This festival commemorates the freeing of American slaves.

As stunning as the murder were the dismissive comments of the police spokesperson:

“Mr Morales could have been assaulted by two to 20 folks,” said Harold Piatt, from the Austin police department.

“It’s that same crowd mindset of being one face in 1,000. Things get out of hand pretty quickly and people don’t have the good sense to stop.”

The Austin Police Department backpedalled a day later with this story, attempting to dissociate the festival with the murder and blaming themselves for release of exaggerated information.

Morales was murdered Tuesday as Juneteenth festivities were winding down.

He was beaten by men in the parking lot of Booker T. Washington Terrace.

Police first said thousands were in the area, and six to 23 people attacked Morales.

APD then said those numbers didn’t add up, adding officers initially released “bad information.”

“We are looking for three or four people responsible for this tragic assault,” said city Assistant Manager Michael McDonald.

Apparently amongst 3 or 4 local yokels, the southern lynch mob mentality still flourishes. An insidious culture of violence also appears to permeate the APD.

8 days since the attack, no arrests have been made. Is this a case of dem good ole tacky boys sticking together?

Austin hit the news again a couple of days later when an old story about a 9 years old girl found living amongst rodents in a ‘haunted’ house was exhumed by the necrophilic US media.

In late 1994, and again in January 1995, phone calls were made to the Austin division of Child Protective Services. A young CPS worker responded to the complaints and spoke to the Barrs at their house. The worker left without giving a report to his seniors or outlining a safety plan. But in October 1995, a third report of “unlivable” conditions at the house was made to CPS.

According to a neighbor, rats were “living in a nest on the front porch” and “climbing up the screen door.” Those eerie moaning noises that echoed through the streets were still being heard several times a week.

CPS dispatched a second worker to follow up. After making an initial visit, the worker documented concerns about the safety conditions in the home and wrote a brief safety plan for the Barrs. After the worker said that CPS would follow up and make additional home visits, the worker left. For the next two years, the Barrs remained in the home, undisturbed by CPS and their neighbors.

In October of 1997, a fourth call complaining about the living conditions at the house was placed to CPS, and a worker once again responded. And a child who few knew existed was finally removed from the home. This “wild child” had never gone to school, or played outdoors. The girl was a 9-year-old named Victoria.

Was the lack of intervention by authorities culturally determined and an example of the United Stupids’ rightard siege mentality? Dem good ole tacky boys in the gun lovin’ polite south do like to keep to themselves.

Teletubby Tinky Winky testifies

Falwell goes to hell

Hot news sent to us from a friend in the know in Nebraska –

Lynchburg – Scandal struck the Falwell family today when a secret will was discovered leaving most of his estate to Tinky-Winky the Teletubby.

Rumors that the Reverend Falwell had carried on a secret affair with the television star were vehemently denied by Falwell’s family, which is contesting the will in court. Family spokesman Totle Biggit announced, “There was no affair. Reverend Falwell may have spent time with Tinky-Winky, but only to bring him the word of the Lord. He was always reaching out to media figures in an attempt to save them from evil influences. Whether it was weekend spiritual retreats in Key West with Tinky-Winky, going to Streisand concerts with Big Bird or watching gladiator movies with Bert and Ernie, Reverand Falwell did whatever it took to spread the good word.”

Tinky-Winky himself only recently came forward with his tale of a secret and stormy affair, “Publicy he denied me three times before the cock crowed, but he always came crawling back with his endearing little “I don’t know how to quit you.’ He may have engaged in some verbal gay bashing, but secretly he hated all forms of gay bashing, unless you count all the times he tied me up and went at me with the cat-o-nine tails. Truly ours was the love that dare not speak its name.”

When asked about some of the Reverend’s more controversial comments, Tinky-Winky responded, “I know it sounds strange but deep down he was a kind person who felt horrible about the things he had to say publicly. He did it to keep his followers happy and the money rolling in. He didn’t really think gays were responsible for 9-11, he knew it was all the fault of the Catholics and the Jews.”

We have no problem whatsoever speaking ill of the dead Moral Moronity leader Falwell.

He was a particularly noxious far right-winger – a gay bashing, apartheid supporting bigot. Falwell’s lambasting of Tinky Winky can only be described as bizarre. Yet those who protest the loudest about moral depravity almost invariaby have hidden, smutty secrets – thus we can speculate with glee about Falwell’s hidden proclivities.