Decoding US Imperialism

By those they choose to silence, one knows the leaders’ pathology and measure of their cowardice. Stand down, Mubarak, stand down! This is revolution:

This is the story that got Al Jazeera banned by Mubarak – live ammunition used on protestors, 2 children, aged 7 and 4 amongst those murdered by the regime.

Egypt Links

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Made in the USA: Tear Gas, Tanks, Helicopters, Rifles, and Fighter Planes in Egypt Funded and Built Largely by US Defense Department and American Corporations
Mike Huckabee speaks “very Zionistically” in Israeli Knesset, condemns Egyptian uprising
State and DOD Need to Assess How the Foreign Military Financing Program for Egypt Achieves U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Goals
Latest Updates on Day 7 of Protests in Egypt
Rights NGO claims that Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons have arrived in Egypt

Omar Afifi is on @AJArabic saying that the Egyptian govt received advanced weapons from Israel to target the protesters #Jan25

Verified: @AJArabic: 3 Israeli war cargo planes has replenished #Egypt police with illegal ammo/TearGas. #Tahrir, #Jan25

RNN:Aljazeera: Israeli minestry of defense refuses to confirm or deny sending weapons to Egyptian forces. #jan25 #egypt

Victory to the Egyptian people!
Mubarak’s Last Breath
Obama Presses for Change but Not a New Face at the Top

Mr. Hadley said that given the choice, Egyptians might well settle on a hybrid government that might include the Muslim Brotherhood and a secular majority willing to continue to live by the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

Some officials have clearly begun to think about the many possibilities that could emerge should Mr. Mubarak depart from the presidential palace, including a government led by his newly installed vice president, Omar Suleiman, the country’s intelligence chief. American officials say that Mr. Suleiman has been described as more opposed to wide-ranging reforms than Mr. Mubarak. “Shifting the chairs for longtime supporters of Mubarak is not the kind of ‘concrete reform’ that the president is talking about,” one senior official said.

Another possibility, American officials say, would be a transitional government led by an outsider, perhaps Mohamed ElBaradei, the former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who flew back to Cairo several days ago.

Mr. ElBaradei, who has not lived in Egypt for years, has little connection to the protesters. A frequent critic of United States policy, he could form a caretaker government in preparation for an election. As one American official said, “He’s shown an independence from us that will squelch any argument that he’s doing our bidding.”

At Davos, experts say Egypt must decide own future
This revolution ‘undoubtedly means the end of Israel as a Jewish state’

My father, who knew several of the neocon standard bearers at Harvard, always insisted to me that, with such obvious exceptions as Marty Peretz and Ruth Wisse, the neocons were ultimately not so deeply committed to Israel but rather simply saw it as a means to an end. I understood his argument academically, but never quite bought into it until the last couple of years. The first time I realized he was right was when I attended the J Street Conference in October 2009, where I had the most emotionally draining experience of actually encountering people who were deeply committed to the point of emotional investment in saving Israel as a Jewish state, only to behold the untrammeled fury set against them by the neocons.

Yikes (Israelis freaking out)
A universalism to the pleas from Cairo’s streets
State Dept organised according to Al Arabiya – Al Jazeera correspondents have been released but equipment has been seized. Update live: http://aje.me/ajelive #egypt #aljazeera #tahrir
Now what happened in Iran in 1979?
Military detain 50 at Egypt’s national museum
Egyptians have reservations about ElBaradei
Live blog 31/1 – Egypt protests
Al Jazeera English Blacked Out Across Most Of U.S.
Missing Persons List
Political cartoons on Egypt, Mubarak and Imperialism
Time to end the Arab exception
The Egyptian masses won’t play ally to Israel
Noticing my distress, the other detainee whispered: ‘I’m sorry. This is not Egypt. This is Mubarak’
‘Mega protest’ planned in Egypt : Egyptian protesters have called for a massive demonstration on Tuesday in a bid to force out president Hosni Mubarak from power. The so-called April 6 Movement said it plans to have more than a million people on the streets of the capital Cairo, as anti-government sentiment reaches a fever pitch.’
Al-Jazeera appeals for social media help in Egypt
Egypt – Al Jazeera reporters still tweeting
Al Jazeera undeterred by Egypt curb
Egypt’s Mubarak opens door to talks with rival political parties – Mubarak propaganda, blaming MB
Regime throws information blackout over Egypt
U.S. role in Egypt crisis “shameful”-Chavez
‘Israel provides weapons for Egypt’
Egypt: America’s Loud Rejection of Mubarak and Silent Delightful Approval of Omar Suleiman
Revolutionary Middle East Change
An Arab revolution fueled by methods of the West
All eyes on Egypt’s military as Hosni Mubarak fortifies position
Supporters of freedom, right? – ‘So as Mubarak attempts to foist his torturer-in-chief upon the Egyptian populace, the very least Australia can do – given its past connections with the barbarisms of the regime – is make an unambiguous statement of support for the people against the dictatorship.’
Clinton calls for ‘real democracy’
Who will protect Israel on the Egyptian front? – ‘With a different Egypt, one that could react harshly, and with oil prices threatening to climb precipitously, the slim chance of an American assent to an Israeli strike in Iran – thought by some to be the main reason for Barak’s support of Yoav Galant as chief of staff – fades to zero. The decision of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to indict Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, pending a hearing, could remove Yisrael Beiteinu from the coalition and bring elections forward, to this summer.’
Mubarak orders state subsidies (bribes)
Thousands defy curfew in Egypt
The Socialist Roots Of The Egyptian Protests
ElBaradei, Muslim Brotherhood Offer Political Path Out of Egyptian Confrontation
Egypt protests: Hosni Mubarak in frantic bid to cling on to power
Egypt and Israel: What’s next? – ‘Eli Shaked, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, talks about the future relationship of Israel with Egypt’ US taking developments in Egypt in a unqieu way – they have expressed opinions which may be right for US needs. There will be no democracy in Egypt before or after elections.’
Mubarak tells new PM to cut prices, blames rioting on Islamists
Groton Guard detachment is heading to Egypt (this is dated the 24th, so ordinary deployment?)
Who Is Omar Suleiman?
Former officials, scholars warned of coming instability in Egypt
The revolution shall not be starved
Egypt Lies I Read on Twitter: Debunking Rumors and Misinformation on the #Jan25 Uprising

Tunisia Links

Tracking down the Ben Ali and Trabelsi fortune
Tunisian women demand equality and secularism

Palestine / Israel Links

African Union declares support for Palestine
Huckabee: Jews should be able to live ‘anywhere in Israel’

Chile pushes for boycott of products of Israeli colonies

Israel’s human rights abuses in the name of security
Israel officials lay cornerstone for new Jewish East Jerusalem neighborhood
Gov’t approves proposal declaring pirate radio ‘aerial terror’
PA Prevents Demonstrations in front of Egyptian Embassy in Ramallah
Gaza-Egypt border sealed indefinitely
MK Dov Khenin: Video of cops beating Dahmash family, shouting “Go to Gaza,” exists and must prompt investigation
Is the Palestinian Authority cracking down on Egypt solidarity demonstrations? (Updated, and yes they are)
Religious group aims for yet another Jewish settlement, in Jaffa – Israel’s repellent ethnosupremacism
From Jaffa to Cairo all people power is revolutionary
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Cyprus recognizes Palestinian states within 1967 borders
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Egypt on the mind as Merkel brings ministers to Israel
Hamas closes Gaza’s southern border
Israel boycott sparks furor, death threats
Right wing group hijacks BDS protest – new tactic?
A new investigation into the death of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has revealed that he had been poisoned by a lethal dose of thallium in his food or drinking water.

Wikileaks Links
WikiLeaks founder warns of huge leak as last resort
2011-01-31: The Guardian and The Telegraph Falsely Incriminate Bradley Manning:

‘The primary source for the Lamo-Manning chatlog is the ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, who claims that it is a record of a sequence of instant message discussions he had with Bradley Manning. In recent months, a concerted investigation was carried out into the trustworthiness of Adrian Lamo, in the light of serious discrepancies in the narrative he had given to various media about the content of the chatlogs. The results of this investigation are to be found on FDL.

The investigation recommends the conclusion that Adrian Lamo is not a trustworthy source, and casts doubt on the provenance of the Lamo-Manning chatlog.

Worryingly, the Guardian editorial position appears, according to the Telegraph, to be that the Lamo-Manning chatlog can be treated as the testimony of Bradley Manning himself.

Last night Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, defended the decision to name Mr Manning as the source of the material, saying it was a matter of record that the soldier had openly admitted to being the source of the data.

If The Guardian has no new information, it is exceptionally irresponsible to treat the Lamo-Manning chatlog as sufficient evidence to speak of Bradley Manning as Wikileaks’ source. It appears, from the Telegraph’s quotation, that Leigh and Harding have used the chatlog as a source to present a reconstructed narrative – a move which is likely to present a seductive version of events for the general public wherein Manning was in fact the source.

WikiLeaks’ Assange ‘dressed as old woman’ to evade CIA: book

60 Minutes Video – WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Pt. 1

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Twitter co-founder: Freedom of expression is a human right
The Ayn Rand Problem
Australian Internet Could Be Switched Off In Minutes
EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations

‘Democratic’ Land Theft

The leaked minutes of a meeting in 2008 between Palestinian, U.S. and Israeli officials show a senior Palestinian proposing that Israel annex all but one of its major Jerusalem settlements as part of a broad deal to end their decades-old conflict.

EgyptAh, to be a ‘democracy’- apartheid Israel can flaunt international law and steal land, sponsor Palestinian ‘leaders’ without a mandate of the people from whom Israel steals, who then give away even more land behind Palestinians’ backs. How could Israel then be accused of stealing?

The Palestinian Papers blow the cover off the iniquitous deals which Abbas and his cohorts have done on the sly with their Israeli bosses. What chance for the end of the gross indignity of Israeli apartheid when the perpetrators of this discrimination are covertly and not so covertly assisted by those who shill as ‘Palestinian leaders’?

At this time, Nelson Mandela’s wise words on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People are a beacon and warning.

“Even during the days of negotiations, our own experience taught us that the pursuit of human fraternity and equality — irrespective of race or religion — should stand at the centre of our peaceful endeavours. The choice is not between freedom and justice, on the one hand, and their opposite, on the other. Peace and prosperity; tranquility and security are only possible if these are enjoyed by all without discrimination.”

One remembers also the second point in the preamble of the United Nations Charter:

“to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small”

Right now, expansionist, warmongering zionists are quivering with bloodthirsty anticipation at the thought Arabs might oust their tyrants. Yossi Gurvitz analyses:

‘… it is sickening to see the Israeli consensus demanding that when Arabs think of their future, they should imagine a hobnailed boot crushing their faces forever, in order to protect Israelis from their own fears. This concept demonstrates, again, how much Israelis view Arabs as savages who can neither govern themselves, nor develop. They always need a strongman to keep them down. This concept tells us much more about Israelis than about their neighbours.’

Israel’s friend, Mubarak is a nice chappie, really

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak rejected calls from protesters to resign and said he would name a new government to promote democracy as protesters clashed with police into the night, setting buildings on fire and swarming armored cars.

Kevin Rudd is milquetoast, omitting condemnation of Mubarak’s outrageous oppression and police violence against peaceful protestors and journalists.

Well the political situation is highly fluid, as a number of my colleagues from elsewhere around the world have said. We have long supported democratic transformation across the Middle East. We have equally strongly argued that this transformation should occur peacefully and without violence. That remains our view in terms of recent developments in Egypt as well.

Even Hillary Clinton was more supportive of protestors:

“We are deeply concerned about the use of violence by Egyptian police and security forces against protesters, and we call on the Egyptian government to do everything in its power to restrain the security forces,”

Yet Hosni Mubarak is in power because the West has supported him.

Mubarak is in power in Cairo with the west’s blessing, approval, support, sponsorship, funding and arms. Democrat and Republican presidents, Labour and Conservative prime ministers, have all cosied up to Egypt’s “secular” tyrant, a self-proclaimed but ineffective bulwark against “Islamic extremism”, since he assumed the presidency in 1981.

One of the Wikileaks cables released yesterday confirms how Mubarak imprisons poets, bloggers and journalists with gay abandon. And thus, I give him doggerel:

‘There was an old despot called Hosni
whose mind was suspicious and lazy,
for when poems are writ,
he quivers his lip,
and looks for the poet not meaning.’

‘There was an old fool called Mubarak
who hated all literary dialect
while his back was turned,
Hosni’s ears would burn,
as poets would cleverly paint him black’

Palestine / Israel Links

Let’s not forget Israel loves autocrats to maintain its life
WB mourners clash with Israeli troops
Ian McEwan should turn down the prize
Ian McEwan can’t escape the politics
The Papers of Opprobrium
Apartheid entity has vacancy sign up : “New hosts required for mutually beneficial oppression, belligerence and land grabs. No democracies in the Middle East need apply”.
Israel fears radical takeover in Egypt – hasbara in full flight
Diana Buttu on the Palestine Papers
1/21/11, Update: Tear gas death triggers mobilization against Israel’s lethal tear gas
Bernard-Henri Levy with another stupid ill-informed tirade
Eroding Israel’s Legitimacy in the International Arena : latest hasbara strategy with a partial list of BDS and other triumphs against Israeli apartheid.
Israel staunchly on the side of Arab tyrannies
Paraguay joins Latin American neighbors in recognizing Palestinian state
Feeds are from activists and citizens on field via phone, if you have verified news you can contact us by phone or sms on Lebanese number +961.70.520837 or email

Egypt/Tunisia Links
Anti-riot document says: 1-Let protesters through streets, don’t block them. Don’t shoot unless commanded #Egypt #Jan25
4 hours ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply
@ArabRevolution ???? ?? ???????
RT @TrellaLB Secret document reveals the anti-riot police game plan http://fun.ly/93v0 #jan25 #Egypt

Feeds are from activists and citizens on field via phone, if you have verified news you can contact us by phone or sms on Lebanese number +961.70.520837 or email
@alexismadrigal u published Egyptian protestor’s tactics, will u do same 4 Mubarak’s thugs? http://bit.ly/ghaK8M #Jan25 #Egypt @theatlantic
Feeds are from activists and citizens on field via phone, if you have verified news you can contact us by phone or sms on Lebanese number +961.70.520837 or email
Israel to boost security on Egypt border
Please @alexismadrigal u published Egyptian protestor’s tactics, will u do same 4 Mubarak’s thugs? http://bit.ly/ghaK8M #Jan25 #Egypt
The Great Arab Revolution and the Gulf States
From The Angry Arab: Word of caution
Not Found
Tunisie : l’héroïsme ordinaire des femmes
Mubarak’s appointment of military men to top posts continues Egypt’s martial style of rule
The Egyptian Intifada
Tunisia: How We Got Here and the Task Ahead
A Manifesto For Change In Egypt
The Protest Movement in Egypt: “Dictators” do not Dictate, They Obey Orders
18 Ways to Circumvent the Egyptian Government’s Internet Block
Egypt protests leaves at least 18 dead
Just Whose Side Are Arab Armies On, Anyway?
US to review aid to Egypt, WH spokesman says
Egypt: Night Falls, After Day of Rage
Mubarak Refuses to Quit, Fires Egyptian Cabinet as Protesters Defy Curfew
Busting Egypt’s web blackout
Egyptian Intifada Rap
The truth about Egypt
Amid Digital Blackout, Anonymous Mass-Faxes WikiLeaks Cables To Egypt
BBC journalist arrested and beaten by Egyptian police
Australian media coverage has been pathetic
Rallies in support of Egyptian rebels in Melbourne and Sydney – what about other Aussies??
Egypt Is Burning, and It Is Not a Facebook or Twitter Event

@SultanAlQassemi: El Baradei now speaking to Al Jazeera “We want to build a new Egypt, built on democracy & human rights”

“We want a new constitution, & for Egypt to catch up with civilisation” “Mubarak’s speech was a let down. He ignored everyone”

El Baradei “HE wants to change the govt, he is responsible for this govt. He is taking the will of the Egyptian people lightly”

“The Egyptian people welcomed the Army on the street. The Army is a friend of the people, the protests yesterday were peaceful”

All the buildings that were attacked & burned belonged to the NDP & police that repressed the Egyptian people for 30 years”

If the army wants peace to return they must assist the people to change this regime. No Egyptian or Arab wants Egypt to fail”

“If the army believes that the imposed curfew will secure the buildings then I am with it, but we have until 7pm to protest ”

“We have the right to live with freedom & liberty in our own country. I learnt of my house arrest on TV, not sure if it’s true”

“This is their stupid way (house arrest). There are five million Egyptians who agree with my demands of change of regime”

“I will join the protests today and in the media and in any other way so that we achieve change today, not tomorrow”

“I will do my best, others can have opinions about me. They are welcome if they agree with me or not”

“My goal isn’t popularity or presidency, I want to serve my country. I have enough (personal) business”

“There were many international calls. I have many friends. Governments also called to ask about me yesterday”

“The Europeams & the Americans called me. I was disappointed by the US position on Egypt, the US adjusted their position later”

“The Europeans & the Americans called me. I was disappointed by the US position on Egypt, the US adjusted their position later”

“The US govt must choose between the govt of Egypt or the people of Egypt. I have personal respect for Obama”

“I spoke to them (US govt) to assure them of my well-being.”

“If the US govt wants a friendly Egypt they must stand with the people not with the regime”

“The translations were wrong, I said Egypt is ready for a new democratic govt & I won’t run under these conditions”

“I said that if the Egyptians wanted me to assume a transitionary (leadership) role I will not let them down”

“The goals of the movement I have founded are similar to other opposition parties, there must be free elections”#

“We need reform after 30 years, a society that respects knowledge. I am before anything an Egyptian”

“My goal is change. I said Mubarak must leave. I’m not sure that he will leave. Protests will continue if he doesn’t leave

There can be conciliatory solution. A new constitution where Egyptians have the right to choose their representatives”

“Articles 86 & 87 in the conditions must change to allow any Egyptian willing to run & international election observers”

“Articles 86 & 87 in the conditions must change to allow any Egyptian willing to run & international election observers

“Egyptians must choose their leader, who becomes president is up to Egyptians”

RT @TravellerW: “@ElBaradei, We’ll vote for any of the men or women who took the streets while u were skiing in Salzburg”

Wikileaks Links

WikiLeaks: The Next Generation
Right war, right reasons: day Gordon Brown came clean on Iraq
New York Times Robbery of Wikileaks
Assange’s collaborators get their knives out
Anonymous arrests shine a light on some (much) bigger issues

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Ayn Rand took government assistance while decrying others who did the same
Ayn Rand Received Social Security, Medicare
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Blair sister-in-law wants him tried for Iraq crimes
United States, Japan told time running out to deal with debt
Aboriginal Day of Remembrance
Protest outside Egyptian embassy in Yemen

Freedom Dominoes Falling

From Tunisia, to Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Jordan and Yemen, people are rising up against the waning US empire’s puppet dictators while the US pays begrudging lip service to their struggle or like Biden, sacrifices the democratic aspirations of Egyptians to Israel and US geopolitical scheming (he means resources and militarisation). The price, once again for empire, is worth it? After all, these are only brown people who happen to be living where the resources which the US covets are situated. Several patronising US blogocrats of various shades of white supremacy have expressed less than admirable support for the courageous Egyptian people – surely these annoying foreign brown people should wait until the empire tells them it is convenient for them to pursue regime change, the government leaders they acquire after the revolution may be even more unappealing than their current torturous US allied villains. For neocon Laurent Murawiec afficionados, the dream of Egypt being the ‘prize’ for empire is surely now a nightmare.

LatuffLater, @PJCrowley tweeted “We are concerned that communication services, including the Internet, social media and even this #tweet, are being blocked in #Egypt.” #

The people’s demonstrations express heartfelt grassroots impatience to be rid of oppression – an impetus echoed also by Iranians attempting to dislodge their current repressive nexus. In Egypt,

At least four persons have died so far, 600 have been arrested and many more injured. Protests are flaring up in Cairo, 6th of October City, Suez, Mahalla al-Kubra and Alexandria.

“Young people are standing in the way of heavily armed armored vehicles and stopping them. People are genuinely frustrated,” Khaled al-Balashy, editor-in-chief of al-Badil newspaper told IPS.

“That was the first time I see people literally sacrificing their lives in face of police brutality,” al-Balashy said. “They think nothing worse could happen to them. This is unprecedented. And the changes will be equally unprecedented. It is a matter of time.”

Diaa Rashwan, an analyst with the semi-official al-Ahram Center for Strategic Studies noted that the protests are now calling for regime change, not for the usual government benefits or reduction in food prices.

In contrast the people of Palestine continue to struggle against a despicable tripartite adversary which includes the leaders of the Palestine Authority collaborator, imposed upon them by the US for its own and its zionist crony’s benefit.

… the administration at least twice threatened to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority if elections were called and anyone other than Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad remained in power.

And it actively works with Israeli and Palestinian security services to deny the democratic will of Palestinians.

What is clear, then, is that Obama not only prefers the status quo, but the United States will actively subvert democracy in order to ensure that governments that will follow its policies remain in power.

If the administration has taken such an anti-democratic line with Palestinians, imagine how it must feel about the protests that have just exploded in Egypt, where substantive democratic change and a truly representative government would no doubt be far less amenable to US policies and strategic objectives regarding Israel and the war on terror than is Mubarak’s.

Faced with the overwhelming calumny and injustice of its oppressors evidenced in the Palestine Papers, dispossessed Palestinians are steadfast, continuing to insist on their rights.

For Amar al-Masaid, 28, history was something he lived with every day. “Our country was taken by force,” he said, amid jumbo boxes of cornflakes, tins of spam and chocolate Santa Clauses in his family’s shop. “They invaded us. They are a colonial power. We will never make any compromise. We will never sell our land. It would be better to stay with the Jews under occupation that give up our rights.”

His family had fled from Deir Aban in 1948; his father still has the deeds to the land they lost. “If you ask a little baby in these camps where their home is, they will answer you,” he said.

On cue, seven-year-old Dahoud and his sister Ranim, five, arrived to buy dried coconut, sent by their mother. Where did they come from? “Palestine,” said the boy; his sister whispered “Al-Maliha,” an Arab village south of Jerusalem until 1948, now home to a huge Israeli shopping mall and sports stadium.

According al-Masaid, the refugees live in a prison. Look around you, he said gesturing at the wall looming a couple of hundred yards away.

Nearby, 63-year-old Mousa al-Masaid, wearing a red-and-white keffiyeh, was passionately dismissive about the recent disclosures of negotiations. “I don’t care what they say on al-Jazeera,” he said. “All I care about is going back to my homeland. You want me to give up my land for peace? To hell with peace! I would rather live under the rule of monkeys than give up my land for peace.”

The Palestinian negotiators did not represent him, he said, and had no right to bargain away his homeland on his behalf.

Free Palestine!

At this moment

The offices of the Palestinian ambassador to the UK have been occupied by a group of students who are demanding new Palestinian national council elections.

At 1pm today, around a dozen Palestinian students from a number of British universities arrived at the Palestinian general delegation to the UK in Hammersmith, west London.

Although they had made an appointment to see the ambassador, Professor Manuel Hassassian, they arrived in large numbers and with computers and banners.

A spokesman for the students said they had been moved to stage a peaceful sit-in by the release of leaked Palestinian papers over the last few days.

“The documents confirmed what we had known all along — that they are out of touch with the people,” the spokesman said.

As well as calling for new elections, the students — from Oxford, SOAS, LSE, City and Westminster universities — are demanding a more inclusive political process that reflects and engages all Palestinians.

“We are ready to stay as long as necessary until our message has been received and understood,” he said.

The ambassador, whose office has been occupied, has asked the students to leave the room but has told them they are welcome to remain in the building.

“They told me they wanted to hold a sit-in in my office. I told them: ‘You’re welcome. This is your embassy. This is your home’,” he said.

Hassassian also said he had agreed to pass their demands on to the Palestinian government, but needed his office back if he was to relay them.

“We are being very hospitable and we hope that they respect our hospitality,” he said.

Two Metropolitan police officers entered the embassy a little after 4pm, and chatted to the ambassador and protesters.

The Palestinian students have issued a demand for the Palestinian Liberation Organisation to be restored “as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people”.

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Interview with Hossam el-Hamalawy : Professor Mark LeVine interviews journalist and blogger Hossam el-Hamalawy on the situation in Egypt.
The devil they knew is a bogy no more – Paul McGeough quotes Ibish – why???
Muslim Brotherhood demands of Mubarak

@SultanAlQassemi Hassan Nafaa on Al Jazeera Arabic “The only replies from the govt were on the security front, no political concessions were offered” #Jan25 #

@SultanAlQassemi Hassan Nafaa “What we want is for President Mubarak to announce he will not run again for presidency or appoint his son as president” #Jan25 #

@SultanAlQassemi Hassan Nafaa “We want the parliament to be reformed. We want to hear Mubarak say ‘I understand your demands & we will comply'” #Jan25 #

@SultanAlQassemi FYI: Hassan Nafaa is Professor & Chairman of the Political Science department at Cairo University & anti-inheritance of power campaigner #

@SultanAlQassemi Poetry #Jan25 “O Security Officers, who will you protect when the Pashas flee Egypt like others have done? Carry two sheilds instead of one” #

@SultanAlQassemi Poetry of #Jan25 “And he wants to appoint his genius son for us as well? After 30 years!” Tamim Al Bargouthi poetry on Al Jazeera Mubasher. #

RT @ummhajarforpal: All known ways 2 stay online in #Egypt + HOWTO make gasmask http://wp.me/p16sn9-2QP #jan25 #bloggers Please RB & RT!!!

Internet working in most 5 star hotels??

Palestine / Israel Links

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The EU and Israel committed themselves to establishing a partnership which provides for close political and mutually beneficial trade and investment relations together with economic, social, financial, civil scientific, technological and cultural cooperation.
The Palestine Papers: our red lines have been crossed
One doesn’t boycott the only free society in the Mideast -BHL rant

Wikileaks Links

WikiLeaks may put India in big trouble
Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks attacks
Pirate Party slams police over Anonymous arrests
WikiLeaks rival goes live as editors turn on Assange

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Development and Discussion of the Plexus Social Networking Stack
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US diplomat charged with Pakistan double murder
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