On The Cat

may06 060Guest post from Kadaitcha reader Ray Nash:

“CAT, my dear Cat,

So common a name for such an enigmatic and enchanting creature. You are so much more than that, Cat. Words escape me, for I alone cannot capture that which I know to be true. Your presence seems locked into my soul. Your physical shape, your soft features and your fluidity of motion, as you move from place to place, complete my picture of the nature of life so perfect and whole.

A shame for those who see in you no good, a travesty against such a wonderful, precious and beautiful entity who so often is illegitimately misconstrued and misunderstood and the result of which is the laying of unfounded blame for bad deeds not actually done. They can never know what it is they somehow miss with their blinders of prejudice and never being able to see you simply as one who is a part of much that is good in this often-time world of sorrow, the goodness or feel of your endearing tenderness and love is beyond their comprehension.

When my gaze locks onto your mysterious far off one, I feel a symbiosis, a symbiotic bond between life cousins. There is no speech necessary, for we knowingly understand each other in so many ways. With part of you still in the wild and the other part willing to share with us humans your self-assurance and love. I hold you closely and dearly as I listen to your guttural purr. I feel your intrinsic entitlement to me, your ownership of me, and I am indeed yours forever. My wonderment in your actions and my appreciation of you continues to grow, even in your eventual death I can never let you go. We are more than just good friends, your presence has enriched me far beyond normal measures and made my life better.

Beyond flesh and bone, sinew and fur, you, CAT, are indeed so very much more than that. You are, simply, one of Mother Nature’s greatest and absolute treasures. And I love you!