Poems of Social Media Revolution

Garbage Disposal

I don’t want your chemtrails, 9/11 truth, wild theory fails
I can’t bear your bleating on of Haarp and reptile aliens.
I don’t want your nazi rants, your racism, your hate slants
I can’t stand your barking about Jewishness and eugenics,
I don’t like your Vets Today, your PressTV, your Daily Mail
Just shove it where the sun don’t shine, get an education,
I won’t embrace your Rothschild crap, your protocols, your sleazy trap,
I don’t want your Facebook spew, your conspiracies are dog do do.

June 2013

Resistance Rap

Dethrone cruel elites
Challenge their deceits
With the sole conspiracy
Uncompromising solidarity
Rejecting prejudice
Is easy with more practice
Refuse racist division
Real justice is the vision.

June 2013