Ali Abunimah Demolishes Jonathan Tobin on Democracy Now

Ali Abunimah’s calm, precise logic triumphs over a vexatious defence of land theft redolent with racism, flailing strawmen and turgid hasbara.

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How obsession with “nonviolence” harms the Palestinian cause – As Lina says: ‘Oppressed people do not and should not have to explain their oppression to their oppressor, nor tailor their resistance to the comfort of the oppressors and their supporters.’

Yet Lina is noticing that Palestinian participation and leadership is limited by the current PSCC model, despite it being effective in terms of international awareness, and is funded inadequately by Fayyad who has his own dubious neoliberal, collaborator agenda, and foreign NGOs with their agendas. So how can this really be ‘popular’ resistance? instead, it can look more like normalisation – including with Fayyad’s neoliberalism. For a popular movement there has to be mobilisation.

The Legitimate Criticisms of the Popular Resistance

Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences academia declared a threat to the apartheid Israeli state

Ban on settlement goods wouldn’t break EU laws

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The Australian government signals that it assumes all Australians are criminals

Reminder of how zionist Herschel Landes boasted about convincing Bob Brown to dump BDS