On Land Day, Australians March in Solidarity with Palestinians

As part of the Global March to Jerusalem to support Palestinian Land Day, Australians turned out to protest in solidarity with the Palestinian peoples’ struggle for justice, rights and freedom, The protesters marched to BDS (boycott, divestments and sanctions) target, Max Brenner, in Sydney. Max Brenner is owned by the Israeli Strauss group which supports the apartheid Israeli regime, in particular the IDF Golani and Givati brigades which are responsible for numerous atrocities against oppressed, occupied indigenous Palestinians.

In Melbourne, hundreds of protesters marched for Palestinians, also to Max Brenner and its apartheid-sweetener coffee shop.

This year on Land Day, which commemorates Israel’s cold-blooded murder of six unarmed Palestinian Israelis in a 1976 demonstration and strikes held to protest against a massive outrageous land grab, Israel spilt yet more Palestinian blood on Palestinian soil, murdering 20 year old Mahmud Zakut near the border fence with the apartheid entity at Beit Hanoun. Hundreds of Palestinians protesting for their birthright on Land Day were injured by the criminal Occupier.

Deputy director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa programme, Ann Harrison said:

“News that Israeli forces are firing live ammunition on Land Day demonstrators near the Erez Crossing in Gaza, and that scores have been injured in protests in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem is extremely worrying, particularly in the light of frequent and persistent use of excessive force against Palestinian protesters.

“We are also concerned at reports that Palestinian Authority security forces have tried to prevent protests in areas under their control, while Hamas security forces have beaten protesters in Gaza. All those involved in policing demonstrations should respect freedom of assembly and must adhere to international policing standards.”

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‘the BDS protesters held leaves to symbolize Palestinian orchards and wore costumes made from painted cardboard boxes to represent houses. They then held a painted cardboard cut-out of a bulldozer and “bulldozed” the houses and trees to the ground.

“We have to bring what happens every day under the watch of the JNF … to the streets of Philadelphia,” said College freshman and PennBDS member Sahir Doshi with a megaphone. “They have not made the desert bloom, they have made the desert bleed.”’

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A recent report by the United Nations concluded that Israeli policies in the Palestinian territories ‘exhibit features of colonialism and apartheid’. B’Tasleem, Israel’s leading human rights organization, published in its report Land Grab that Israel ‘has created a system of legally sanctioned separation based on discrimination that has, perhaps, no parallel any where in the world since the apartheid regime of South Africa’. The Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa also concluded in its legal study that Israel is guilty of apartheid crimes.

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