Free Khader Adnan – Dignity and Justice for Palestinians

Respect to Khader Adnan and his family – let’s hope that the cruel apartheid Israeli regime delivers a rare display of mercy so the life of this heroic Palestinian is preserved. Khader is being held by Israel on no charge and without trial. The capricious Israeli military court has refused his appeal against arbitrary detention.

62 days into a hunger strike protest, Khader personifies the spirit of Indigenous Palestinian sumud, steadfastness in the face of overwhelming political malice – the collective punishment, colonialism and apartheid perpetrated by the ethnosupremacist zionist state.

According to Prisoners Rights organisation, Addameer, Israel currently holds 310 Palestinians under administration detention, including 18 Palestinian Legislative Council members. Free all Palestinian political prisoners now!

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If Khader Adnan was anything but Palestinian
The West Bank’s Bobby Sands : Khader Adnan’s two-month hunger strike has made him a hero among Palestinians outraged by Israel’s policy of arbitrary detention –

Physicians for Human Rights issued a medical report this week supporting a petition to the Supreme Court for his release. In it the group said that even though Mr Adnan had agreed to be treated with an infusion of liquids and salts, augmented by glucose and vitamins, he had refused to end his hunger strike and was in “immediate danger of death”. The report added that a fast “in excess of 70 days does not permit survival”.

The Supreme Court petition, for which no date has been set for a hearing, is the last judicial chance to save his life as Mr Adnan has said he will not end his fast until he is released from his four months of administrative detention. A military appeals court ruled this week that he must remain in detention until May.

The EU’s shameful silence on Khader Adnan :

‘Catherine Ashton, the bloc’s foreign policy chief, publicly sympathised with the family of Shalit at every conceivable opportunity, never acknowledging that the Israeli soldier belonged to an army of occupation and was taking part in acts of aggression against the Palestinian people when he was captured. Does she regard his life as more important than that of Adnan, a man in detention without being charged or convicted of an offence?

Is she more worried about the oppressor, than the oppressed? It would appear so.

Almost 12 hours ago, I contacted Ashton’s office, requesting an urgent explanation for her silence on Adnan’s hunger strike. I have still not received a response.’

Palestinian’s Hunger Strike Challenges Detention by Israel

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‘To me, that emphasis on normalization is one of the more dangerous things, because if they succeed in convincing the world that this is not a state of war or occupation but rather this is really the heart of the kind of Western democracy that’s like the rest of the world, the Western world at least–then in some ways that’s how they try and win. And part of what the boycott does is it delegitimizes the claim that this is a normal situation. It’s not a normal situation, it’s a settler-colonial situation, a situation of oppression.’