Turkey’s Requirements of Israel Remain Non-Negotiable

Turkey continues to remain firm in its stance against Israel’s criminality.

Davutoglu told reporters on Friday that Israel should apologize, pay compensation to families of the Turkish citizens killed during the boarding of the aid ship and end the embargo on Gaza. Otherwise, the minister stated, relations between Turkey and Israel will not be normalized.

Additionally Davutoglu extended Turkey’s criticism of the apartheid land-thieving entity:

“Israel should decide to be a part of either the problem or the solution,” Davutoglu told reporters. The minister also spoke out against other aspects of Israeli policy, criticizing Israel to for continuing its settlement policy. The minister concluded by emphasizing that Turkey would react positively if Israel pursued a less hawkish foreign policy.

From @leventbasturk: If it doesn’t remain firm on this issue, the new course of Turkish Frgn Pol in ME will be under great suspicion. #

In the US press, Davutoglu’s comments were under-reported, omitting the need for Israel to end its embargo on Gaza.

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