Rolling Back the Latest Zionist Hasbara

Countering the hasbaroid ‘Judenrein’ accusation against Maen Areikat, Mahmoud Habbash, the Palestinian minister of religious affairs, stated:

“The future Palestinian state will be open to all its citizens, regardless of their religion,” Habbash said, according to USA Today. “We want a civil state, which in it live all the faiths, Muslim, Christian and Jews also if they agree, (and) accept to be Palestinian citizens.”

Maen Areikat, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s ambassador to the United States, told POLITICO that his comments earlier this week which some interpreted as meaning Jews would not be welcome were misconstrued.

“In no way was there a suggestion that Jews cannot enter Palestine or be in Palestinian state in the future,” Areikat said.

The officials’ comments follow a controversy the ambassador’s remarks at a breakfast on Tuesday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor in which he said that Jews and Palestinians “need to be totally separated.”

USA Today reported that Areikat was calling for the future Palestinian state to “free of Jews.”

USA Today has now added a clarification:

In the headline and story, Palestinian Ambassador Maen Areikat says he was referring to Israelis, not Jews, when he stated that “it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated first.”

For future reference, the US tabloids might care to comprehend Dr Saree Makdisi’s analysis about the PA:

“The PA has become what it was always intended to be; a full blown collaborationist apparatus whose main function is to facilitate the occupation and colonization of the West Bank not to challenge it or end it … The unelected leadership in Ramallah which having been swept from office by elections in 2006 was brought back to office almost literally on the turret of an Israeli tank remains completely uninterested in any accounting for the scandal of the Palestinian Papers or anything else for that matter.”

The 2011 Edward Said Memorial Lecture with Dr. Saree Makdisi “Palestine: Epicenter of the Arab Revolutions”

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