Miko Peled in Australia on Israel and Palestine

Miko Peled : Israel and Palestine – Separating Myth from Reality

This is the first vid from an 8 part lecture series.

Palestine / Israel Links

Israel allows export of palm fronds from Gaza in example of double standard
“The Israeli Defence Ministry had no comment as to why the palm fronds were of any less security threat than any other Gaza crops.”
Arabs outraged over ban on October riots studies – That bastion of enlightened democracy and purveyor of equal rights for all Israel can’t bear Palestinians learning about their history.

MK Hanin Zoabi : “The Education Ministry is breaking the law. Teaching about October 2000 is teaching history and facts. Expressing one’s opinion is one of man’s basic rights and is the duty of every school.”

A Palestinian political prisoner’s take on Israel’s protest movement – Ameer Makhoul :

‘By not dealing with the colonial, racist Zionist ideology and the nature of the Israeli state, some are choosing to consider the Israeli social movement as “post-Zionist.” However, as we know very well, post-Zionism means neither anti-Zionism nor the de-Zionization of Israel.’

‘The two state solution is not a solution’ – “‘Two states for two peoples’ rings hollow when both states already contain both peoples”
Debunking ‘gay’ Israel: ‘For a start, Israel does not have a written constitution and its quasi-constitutional laws do not guarantee equal rights; they facilitate systematic discrimination against the Palestinians who comprise one-fifth of Israel’s population. Furthermore, the idea that Israel has banished homophobia is not supported by empirical evidence. A recent survey of gay members of the Israeli military found that 40 percent of respondents suffered verbal abuse and 20 percent sexual or physical violence.’
Australian parliamentary nobodies slither up to the ziolobby, Israeli apartheid and occupation
Palestinians Win Initial Vote on Unesco Bid : US begins strongarming
Sex discrimination in Israel : Israeli orchestra drops female singer after pressure from Orthodox subscribers
PACBI-Saluting the Action group for boycott of Israel at the KTH in Stockholm
Interview with Samah Sabawi, Public Advocate of Australia for Palestine
on the latest Palestinian bid as an observer in the United Nations. (Interview begins about one third of the way into the program.)
Tunisia denies visas for Palestinian bloggers

Erdogan speaking in Pretoria live

RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: UN Security Council have passed 89 resolutions against Israel, none of them have been implemented.

RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan:: Has there been any pressure applied on Israel? No.
RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: Four bullets were removed from one of the martyrs in the Flotilla massacre.

RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: I have brought up this issue with American officials including President Obama but I have received no reply
RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: Until the embargo on Gaza is lifted and Israel apologises to Turkey, relations will not be normalised
RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan is going to visit refugee camps housing Syrian refugees on the southern Turkish border then decide on sanctions
RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: How many Israelis were killed by supposedly launched rockets from Gaza? Olmert could not answer me

RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: Israel killed thousands of people in Gaza

RT @khadijapatel: #Erdogan: Israel is pushing itself towards solitary in the region
RT @khadijapatel: Applause for #Erdogan as he tells ISraeli diplomat: You r living in peace here in SA bt there is no peace for Palestinians
RT @khadijapatel: One thing I missed tweeting was this to Israel: “That land is not yours” #Mehmet Erdogan

“The Foreign Press Association demands that Israeli Authorities immediately cease undressing foreign and Arab journalists at official events.

This outrageous policy is an affront to common sense, an assault on human dignity and a blight upon the state of Israel. It simply must stop.”
Israeli press complicit in dehumanization of Palestinian victims

Other Links

US fascism: Secret U.S. panel can put citizens on ‘kill list’
Update to “Decolonize L.A., That’s the Movement We Need”
Preliminary demands for #OccupySydney
William Blum on US deep, deep denial : The crime of making Americans aware of their own history
Rumsfeld doesn’t want to give a straight answer on whether troop numbers were sufficient when Iraq was invaded. Shameless dodging and ad hominem from one of the world’s most ruthless war criminals.
Saree Makdisi: “522 obstacles impeding Palestinian movement and 0 obstacles impeding movement of Jewish colonists; is this seriously not apartheid?”