Pretty Words Accompany Ongoing Colonisation and Apartheid

Abbas’s rousing speech in the UN arguing for Palestinian statehood belies the impotence of the PA to stop further Israeli appropriations, with crowing zionists announcing another 1,100 illegal Israeli colonial homes to be built on Palestinian land in the West Bank. Within Israel, 30,000 Bedouins are to be ethnically cleansed and their lands confiscated to make room for more jews-only settlements. From the Palestine Papers, it’s clear Israel has rebuffed the most generous of offers by Abbas in the past and that Abbas colludes with Israel to suppress Palestinian resistance. No matter what concessions Palestinians make, Israel always raises the bar, most recently with Nutanyahoo’s demand for recognition of a ‘jewish’ (racist) state. Israel has no intention of offering a viable state for Palestinians or equal rights for all – a brief glance at the Likud platform attests to this fact. Palestine has all the resources, most importantly, water, and without them, Israel would choke. As long as the US and EU remain merely ‘deeply disappointed’, ziocode for ‘business as usual’ and fail to insist on Israel’s adherence to international law, there is no impetus which can make Israel stop its oppression save steadfast non-violent resistance and BDS, BDS and more BDS.

The best antidote for Abbas’ deceptive two state euphoria is Ali Abunimah’s interview about it. Ali sees Palestinian people beginning to focus increasingly on a struggle for equal rights.

If the October Knesset vote for annexation of the West Bank is affirmative, the necessity for equal rights with one and a half million illegal settlers presently occupying Palestinian land will become urgent.

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A Formal Funeral for the Two-State Solution

The Palestinian Authority’s bid to the United Nations for Palestinian statehood is, at least in theory, supposed to circumvent the failed peace process. But in two crucial respects, the ill-conceived gambit actually makes things worse, amplifying the flaws of the process it seeks to replace. First, it excludes the Palestinian people from the decision-making process. And second, it entirely disconnects the discourse about statehood from reality.

“The biggest Yerushalayim” : PA offered to concede almost all of East Jerusalem, an historic concession for which Israel offered nothing in return.
Hasbara in Helsinki

In a speech today, Ashton congratulated herself for increasing Europe’s involvement in something called the Middle East peace process. “I have worked to achieve a greater EU role as I believe we are ideally placed as a friend of both parties,” she said.

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Three United Nations independent experts Tuesday called for an immediate end to the Israeli demolitions of Palestinian owned-houses and other structures in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which have seen a dramatic increase since the beginning of the year, according to a press release by OHCHR.

Israeli military conceals information about possible nerve agent used by illegal, violent settlers
Erdogan TIME interview

– At my meetings, I said, all right, Turkey is a model of democracy, a secular state, a social state with the rule of law upheld. We are not intentionally trying to export a regime — we couldn’t care less. But if they want our help, we’ll provide any assistance they need. But we do not have a mentality of exporting our system.

Turkey is getting stronger as time goes by, and the situation of many European states is quite obvious.

Lesson from South Africa: Support the political prisoners
How wars end : Her Leibowitz [Hebr. translate]

Most wars in the world end when the leaders of both parties come to understand that continued fighting will not bring them any benefit. In many cases the benefit in question is any personal profit leaders themselves. In other cases, when a nation gets the leaders deserve, benefit at heart is the good of society.

Israel is significantly inferior in its war against the people of Palestinians, that does not go unnoticed by any one who looks with open eyes on the balance of power in the Middle East. Israeli – Palestinians can not end Israel’s victory on the first model. Not difficult to conclude that this strategic situation assessment – History and basic rational considerations. However, this conclusion is also from the experience and the historical facts themselves, without any theory.

In June 1967 the State of Israel was close to the end of war from the first model than ever before, and above all close she could reach it in the foreseeable future. But war is not over. On the other hand, the Arab side during Israel – Filastin be theoretically possible to win and bring the war to end the first model.

The moral is that the Israeli Government to end the war, according to the second model. To do this, create a situation of East – Mediterranean in which no Arab ruler, including leaders of the Palestinians, there will be nothing to gain personally for the war, and none of them has a strong emotional stimulus will be enough to start a global campaign to another.

Turkey’s Deputy Premier Arinc:

“The current Israeli leadership unfortunately is racist and aggressive, especially Leiberman and his team which is only tolerated for the sake of the coalition government. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have gathered to protest economic situation in the country. Change in Israel hinges on how far Lieberman will be tolerated”.

The Turkish deputy premier said Israel had lost Egypt’s friendship in the Middle East as well.
“Egypt used to be one of the closest allies Israel had in that region. Now Egypt is friends with Turkey and it had cut all diplomatic ties with Israel. Everyone knows very well what kind of a position an isolated Israel will be in when devoid of ties with Turkey.”

Zioprop exposed: Marduk’s Australian carries CNN’s mistranslation of Erdogan’s remarks.
Erdogan’s mistranslated remarks outrage Israel

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