BDS Protest Against Apartheid Israel Near Max Brenner in Brisbane

Ian Curr at the Workers Bush Telegraph reports on the protest at South Bank against Israeli company Max Brenner’s support of apartheid and occupation.

Ironically, the BDS protest was opposed by a strident group of “Zionists, people mobilised by Max Brenner and University of Qld Liberal club … heavily supported by the Australian Patriotic Defence Movement (APDM), a fascist organistion here in Australia”.

With no irony they shouted slurs like ‘racists’ ‘anti-semites'(curious because some of us are semites) and ‘traitors'(to what, the Israeli flag they carried?). Some held up placards of the Australian Flag.

..The cops used water barricades to separate us from the abusive mob. Our speakers could not be heard above the din as the slanging match began. No reasoned debate was possible. The mob held up ‘Never Again’ placards, taking the holocaust slogan in vain. How could Jewish people stand alongside Nazis from the APDM to shout us down is beyond me. Our message was never about race or religion, it was about democratic rights for Palestinian people indicated in the three demands of the BDS movement …

Ian says that ‘This was the first time in 30 years that a demonstration I have been in had been attacked by the organised right.’ The opposition of the white supremacist far right against the anti-racist, pro-human rights BDS solidarity for Palestinians which includes amongst its supporters many Jewish people is unsurprising. White supremacists either hate Arabs only slightly more than they hate Jews, or hate Jews only slightly more than they hate Arabs. White supremacists are opportunistic with their allegiances, gravitating to support other intrinsically fascist movements – like political zionism, which erroneously claims to represent the aspirations for ‘security’ of all Jews by the false premise and maintenance of a racist religio-ethnic state built on the dispossession, subjugation and de-privileging of Palestinian people. Like other groups, Jews should be able to live safely anywhere, without compromising the collective and individual human rights of others.

On a very positive note, and as highlighted in the video below:

‘… the Qld Teachers Union QTU had just passed a motion in support of the Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions BDS campaign. Inside the Convention Centre next door the teachers had voted to continue to support the BDS.’

The next Brisbane Justice for Palestine meeting will be held on 14th September at 6.30pm at the TLC building.

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The good news is that there is no call to march on Jewish-owned businesses by any group of people. But also worth knowing is that if indeed Jewish businesses were ever targeted by any group I would not be surprised to find the same human rights advocates who are marching against Israel today standing to defend the Jewish community’s right to live free of racism and intolerance. These are the values held by the BDS movement: non- violence, equality, justice for all and zero tolerance for all forms of racism and discrimination. But you would never know that, if your primary source of information is The Australian newspaper.

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Why does the ALP continue to resist BDS? supporting BDS is consistent with opposition to South African apartheid! The Australian continues its disgraceful divide and conquer attack on BDS support from Australian unions – the zio-imperialists continue to illustrate their fear of the strength of ethical BDS.

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For decades the mantra of a Palestinian state side by side with the state of Israel has been the only solution given any credence. But now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going all out to prevent it, while a long-time supporter in Australia is deciding between a ”no” vote in the UN or abstaining.

The arguments for and against statehood are many. There is a sense of foreboding in many Palestinians and supporters who see the statehood bid as only further entrenching Israel’s occupation, with no prospect of an intransigent Israel abiding by international law.

Negotiations are, in fact, a ruse to keep the old discredited paradigm of a two-state solution going for as long as it takes Netanyahu to achieve his goal of a Greater Israel.

More than the statehood bid, what threatens the Greater Israel dream is the fast-growing global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Modelled on the movement that helped bring down apartheid South Africa, BDS is adding to the tremors being felt in the power structures that have enabled Israel to wreak such havoc at home and in the region.

For peace and a just solution, it is time to hold Israel to account.

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