Criminality is Self-Delegitimizing

The legitimate call to boycott Israel comes from over 170 groups from Palestinian civil society, because despite scores of UNSC and UNGA resolutions (other countries are invaded by the US & Co. for breaking even 1 UNSC resolution), and the failure of the disingenuous ‘peace process’ which serves as cover for Israel to steal more Palestinian land, Israel has not amended its appalling criminal behaviour. In fact, the currrent regime has passed three more discriminatory laws in the past week or so to add to more than 30 existing such laws whilst tightening the illegal siege, which constitutes collective punishment, on the people who inhabit the open air prison that is Gaza once more and committing its customary panoply of human rights violations throughout the West Bank.

Palestinian people are guaranteed justice and rights under international law, yet Israel denies them these, with the collusion of the US and its sycophantic subalterns like Australia, the UK and Canada. Boycotts, divestments and sanctions are a grassroots, global, non-violent means of specifically targeting the institutions and organisations which support the illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid regime because all other methods have failed to attain Palestinian people’s just rights.

A partial settlement boycott is insufficient, because Israel’s crimes are not only those of occupying and stealing Palestinian land in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, but also consist of denying Palestinian Israelis full equal rights and refusing to recognise the right for Palestinian refugees to return to their lands although this right is supported by a raft of international laws and UN resolutions.

The Israeli IDF has now declared that human rights activists supporting BDS globally are in their sights.

Thus, people should be very aware that there is a coordinated campaign by Israel to breach other nations’ sovereignty, to intimidate, silence and ‘delegitimise the delegitimisers’ in order to ensure continuance of Israel’s disgraceful impunity for its war crimes, crimes against humanity and land theft.

From the filthy tactics used on Greens candidates, Goldstone and others (see the Masada and other hate lists) and initiatives like those afore-mentioned, it’s clear that human rights defenders are putting themselves on the line to protest against this extremist, unrepentant regime and its ongoing crimes. By its own actions and actions of those who support its impunity and injustices, the Israel regime delegitimises itself.

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Despite Foreign Ministry efforts to issue a correction, Yishai delayed a response several hours and ultimately released a short statement correcting the record after midnight.

Around 1:30 A.M., Goldstone, who was in California, was informed of Yishai’s statement, but he had already gone to the media denying Yishai’s earlier remarks and saying that he had never discussed the report in his conversation with Yishai. A Foreign Ministry source said the spat with Yishai will make it much harder for Israel to get Goldstone to approach the United Nations regarding its stance on Cast Lead.

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This stance by the Australian government is also out of step with Australian public opinion. We are being very poorly represented on this question. An online survey by Research Now of 1021 Australians last year, by Griffith University researchers Eulalia Han and Halim Rane, showed: “The majority (55%) understand the Israel-Palestine conflict to be about ‘Palestinians trying to end Israel’s occupation and form their own state’.”

Where governments refuse to act, the onus passes to a responsible citizenry, to continue to explain the issues, and to take our own action where appropriate, including through local councils and political parties.”

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