Inside the Imperial Tent Last November

Aimée Kligman at the Examiner relates information about the genesis of the current imperial debacle in Libya:

According to, the popular revolt which took seed in Benghazi, Libya last month had been planned by France’s secret services since November 2010. At the time, France drew the United Kingdom into its scheme as a partner, which now explains the earnest push with which both countries have exerted over action for a no-fly zone over Libya to help rebel forces. When the United States became involved in these discussions, it threw in its own objectives which included a counter-revolution in the Arab World as well as AFRICOM’s landing on the continent.

Just goes to show as ever – never trust a smiling imperialist.

Quote for the Day from @AboriginalOz: #ChampagneRacism Europeans have Nations. Africans and Indigenous peoples have Tribes. #

“We came to this country which was already populated by Arabs, and we are establishing a Hebrew, that is a Jewish, state here…Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages…There is not a single community in the country that did not have a former Arab population.” Israeli leader, Moshe Dayan, quoted in Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi’s “Original Sins.”

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Bi-partisan condemnation by zionist-infiltrated major parties in Australia against BDS is despicable

Noted from the figures below the story, that Israel imports 4 times the goods to Australia than Australia exports to Israel.

Let’s reduce our unhealthy trade balance!

I see the unnamed ‘An Israeli embassy spokeswoman’ has ‘urged the Greens to engage in dialogue rather than support boycotts, suggesting such a path would embolden radicals.

“Those who are behind the policy of singling out Israel through a boycott are clearly showing their true colours,” she said. “The whole boycott program strengthens the radicals in a lot of ways.

“A lot of people who support the boycotts have never read the BDS charter which states Israel should be just a one-state country.

“It does not support negotiations at all.”

This unnamed mossad agent needs to read the BDS resolution which doesn’t state Israel should be a one-state country. In Australia generally, compliance with international law is only an issue if the US says it is. And it ‘s Israel’s continued building of illegal settlements & #Occupation which make one state inevitable, not BDS.

My comment passed through the Australian’s gatekeeper:

‘The BDS resolution called for by Palestinian people who have suffered 63 years of dispossession of their lands and 44 years of brutal military occupation does not say “Israel should be just a one-state country”. The remarks by the “unnamed Israeli embassy spokeswoman” are lies. EVERYONE should read the resolution here – – to understand how politicians and public are being duped against supporting Palestinian justice and rights against a system of apartheid which leading South African anti-apartheidists say is worse than that of white South Africa. Compliance with international law is NOT radical. “These non-violent punitive measures should be maintained until Israel meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people`s inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with the precepts of international law by: 1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall 2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and 3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.”‘

BDS has endorsement not just from Marrickville Council but unions and other community organisations. The fact that it isn’t national Greens’ policy is a disgrace.
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Bi-partisan condemnation by zionist-infiltrated major parties in Australia against BDS is despicable
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Asked how many children and parents were awaiting deportation in the new holding cells set up at Ben-Gurion Airport, the official said, “I don’t know, and I don’t know that we’re going to give out that information.”
During the interview, though, the official said “dozens” had been in the cells.

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BDS and Beyond

It once seemed as though BDS could strengthen the hand of those Israeli Jews who favoured a period of consolidation around a 1967-variant Palestinian ‘state’. This is no longer the case.

For as long as Palestinians are calling for BDS, their request has to be honoured. But the revolutions sweeping the Arab world contain the whisper of a potentially new strategy for Palestinian liberation. More accurately, it is the rebirth of an older strategy that many thought dead and buried: mass action by progressive, democratic and secular forces across the Middle East to liberate all peoples of the region.

On this Land Day, perhaps supporters of the Palestinian cause outside the region can dare to dream of ways in which we can help catalyse that process.

(Israelis seem to labour under the apprehension that BDS is primarily aimed at them).
UN resolutions; only applicable to support our interests
Because if you can’t break the apartheid wall, dance on it..

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After unscripted Arab drama, the west sneaks back on set – People were not rebelling solely against dictators but the economic model. Yet foreign interests may again be calling the shots
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WikiLeaks releases U.S. cable on Mussa Kussa

Libya foreign minister who just defected in London, suggesting he is man of “acumen” and intellect who we can work with. “He is Western-educated… and is seen as a strong supporter of re-engagement with the West…. Kussa is the rare Libyan official who embodies a combination of intellectual acumen, operational ability and political weight.”

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