Grand Central Station BDS Boogie!

Today, the 30th March, 2011 is BDS Global Day of Action, a day to share, tweet and celebrate achievements and solidarity with Palestinians and their struggle for freedom.

Palestine / Israel Links

The Defense Ministry must reveal the “red lines document” in which the state apparently established the minimum caloric intake required for the survival of residents of the Gaza Strip.
BT responds to approach by @BHRRC re complicity in Israeli settlements by ignoring issue of human rights & int law
Land, citizenship and exclusion in Israel (Ben White)
Lawyer of Gaza engineer: He has no info on Gilad Shalit
J’lem lobbies against UN recognition of Palestinian state
Re-occupation of Occupied Gaza by PA collaborators via artificial ‘island’ port
Why Israelis can’t just lie back and think of Arab democracy
Dear Bob: Skip Israel

True, the last time you famously did something about it, the man for whom you went to bat (and whom you got a retrial and an eventual acquittal by reminding the world of how he was railroaded) threatened to sue you for using his life story without permission. But in this case you don’t have to write a song. You don’t even have to sing a song. What you have to do is simply NOT sing – at least not in Israel.

Calls to protect upcoming Gaza aid Flotilla as Israel hints to attack
Stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF) – Help dismantle a colonial pillar of the Israeli Apartheid regime
Israel hampers aid agencies at Gaza crossings

Egypt Links

Maikel Nabil Arrested Again And To Face Military Court in Egypt

Saudia Links – a collection

Saudi Women Reunite To Remember Driving Protest
SAUDI ARABIA: Women threaten to breastfeed drivers if they aren’t allowed to drive

Australia Links

Polling booths are a focus for community interaction – one of the few for some Electronic voting a threat to democracy
Bolt’s gay ‘smear’ explosion earns rebuke from judge
Bolt ‘living in mindset frozen in history’: court

Mr Merkel said the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families had roots in the eugenics movement of the 1930s. Informing that policy, he said, was a view that Aboriginal children with any trace of white blood were “savable” by virtue of being not entirely aboriginal.

In his articles, Mr Merkel said, “Bolt has taken us back to that view of Aboriginality”.

Mr Merkel claimed the case was not about free speech, as had been argued in some corners. Nor was it about Bolt’s right to hold the views he expressed in his articles. Rather it was about whether Bolt had acted in good faith in balancing the expression of those views with the offence and hurt they were likely to cause.

“The Holocaust started with words and ended in violence,” Mr Merkel said.

Homicide in Australia: 2007–08 National Homicide Monitoring Program annual report

Within-gender analysis shows that 78 percent of female victims (n=87) of homicide in 2007–08 were killed by an offender with whom they shared a domestic relationship. This was not the case for
of male victims who were actually more likely to have been killed by an acquaintance or stranger (n=92, 84%) than by someone with whom they shared a domestic relationship (n=57, 35%).