Don’t Play Apartheid Israel, Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has donated to the World Food Programme which says ‘Palestinians are experiencing a dramatic decline in their living standards and a regression of the economy due to internal and external movement restrictions, limited control over natural resources, restricted access to local and international markets, low rates of economic production and limited access of Palestinian labourers to their former work in Israel’ yet he’s still planning to play Israel on June 20th. Please, Bob, boycott Israel, which deliberately creates the problems for Palestinians identified by the WFP, whilst practising the three pillars of apartheid.

Dylan last played in Israel in 1993.

Bob Dylan played on the ‘Sun City’ song . “These artists also vowed never to perform at Sun City, because to do so would in their minds seem to be an acceptance of apartheid.” To break the boycott called for by Palestinian civil society and play Israel is to give a regime which has been identified by noted South African anti-apartheid activists as practising even worse apartheid than white South Africa, a propaganda gift.

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True, the last time you famously did something about it, the man for whom you went to bat (and whom you got a retrial and an eventual acquittal by reminding the world of how he was railroaded) threatened to sue you for using his life story without permission. But in this case you don’t have to write a song. You don’t even have to sing a song. What you have to do is simply NOT sing – at least not in Israel.

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In addition to tightening the siege on the Palestinians in Gaza,the Israeli army commenced a new military offensive against the population in mid-March.

On 16 March the Israeli air force attacked a Hamas training base near the former settlement of Netzarim. Two Hamas militants, Adana Eshtaiwi, 27 years old, and Ghassan Abu Amro, 25 years old, were killed in the attack, while a third person was injured.

The Israeli military claimed the strike was in response to a single mortar projectile launched from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. No Palestinian faction claimed responsibility for the firing, and the Israeli press reported that the projectile was launched by a small, unknown organization.

Since Operation Cast Lead, Hamas has generally abstained from firing into Israeli territory while Israel has refrained from targeting manned Hamas facilities.

Two days later the Israeli military reported that its soldiers were attacked by Gaza fighters while “performing a routine activity”. Again, no Palestinian faction took responsibility for the attack.

Normally Palestinian factions take responsibility and credit for their attacks on Israeli targets. There have also been cases in which Palestinian military factions claimed attacks that never actually occurred.

The next day, on 19 March, Israeli tanks shot at targets in the Gaza Strip. Five people were injured in this attack, while additional shelling destroyed power lines.

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What gives us room for optimism is that this running amok has awakened Israeli public opinion against the murky fascistic wave. Perhaps this absurd law will provoke a dialogue about the events that took place in 1948, as a way to reconcile the two peoples.

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The government’s ambassadors and its propagandists can barely persuade anyone in the world, except themselves. The destroyers of Israeli democracy can only stoke the fire higher and higher against it. The critical voices still being heard, in commendable freedom, arouse the world’s esteem. The dissidents are now the best explainers of Israel, whose regime is still to its credit.

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