Is There An Historical Precedent?

The US wants Mubarak to stand down in favour of his chosen successor, Omar Sulieman – this seems to be an unprecedented move on the part of the US in the role of neocoloniser with any of its vassals. On Al Jazeera Catherine Ashton from the EU Council echoes the US line, assuring all that Suleiman will be in discussion ‘with opposition leaders yesterday today and tomorrow’. As Paul Barratt, ex-Australian Defence Secretary tweeted today:

@phbarratt: @Jinjirrie The paradigm remains “stability through repression”. #fail #

In the Guardian, Timothy Garton Ash describes the price for the neocolonial, racist Europeans should Egypt not achieve liberation.

Europe’s future is at stake this week on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as it was on Prague’s Wenceslas Square in 1989. This time, the reasons are geography and demography. The Arab arc of crisis, from Morocco to Jordan, is Europe’s near abroad. As a result of decades of migration, the young Arabs whom you see chanting angrily on the streets of Cairo, Tunis and Amman already have cousins in Madrid, Paris and London.

If these uprisings succeed, and what emerges is not another Islamist dictatorship, these young, often unemployed, frustrated men and women will see life chances at home. The gulf between their life experience in Casablanca and Madrid, Tunis and Paris, will gradually diminish – and with it that cultural cognitive dissonance which can lead to the Moroccan suicide bomber on a Madrid commuter train. As their homelands modernise, young Arabs – and nearly one third of the population of the north African littoral is between the age of 15 and 30 – will circulate across the Mediterranean, contributing to European economies, and to paying the pensions of rapidly ageing European societies. The examples of modernisation and reform will also resonate across the Islamic world.

“There is a lot of uncertainty out there and I would just caution against doing anything until we really understand what’s going on”, says McMullen of withdrawing aid to the Egyptian military. Translation: we don’t want the military to back the people, we want them behind the regime, which should be a regime we want.

The logical outcome to circumvent the current neocolonials’ plan whilst avoiding bloodshed may be in train – the Egyptian army to submit to the forthcoming pro-democracy people’s council presently being built in Tahrir Square. Army head, Tantawy is apparently in the square with his generals. Exiled Egyptian Al Qaradawi in Qatar has suggested guidelines for action. (via @SultanAlQassemi)

Al Qaradawi who now holds Qatari citizenship was banished from Egypt decades ago & is known for his anti-Mubarak regime statements.

Al Qaradawi speaking now on Qatar TV “If a leader is hated he just leave. You can’t lead a people by force”

Al Qaradawi “O Pharaoh (Mubarak) the time of Pharaohs is over. You cannot force yourself. If you were their ‘father’ why did you kill them?”

Al Qaradawi “Millions of people don’t want you. As long as this man is there Egypt will not be stable”

Al Qaradawi “If he was really their ‘father’ he would have mercy on them. (Tunisia’s) Ben Ali had better logic, he left the people”

Al Qaradawi “Do you have a drop of mercy in you? Yesterday snipers killed ten protesters (in Meydan Tahrir), aren’t these your children?

Al Qaradawi “Mubarak is responsible for that happened. What happened yesterday & the day before is unacceptable, even the PM said so”

Al Qaradawi “The Youth were there, not one policeman was killed, the protesters didn’t shoot. Until the Baltagiya came, rented by the state”

Al Qaradawi “The same Baltagiya who stop voters from voting. How can a leader use criminals against his own people?”

Al Qaradawi “The Prime Minister says ‘I don’t know who did this?’ The gov did this”

Al Qaradawi “Like the poem goes, if you did know then it is a problem, and if you didn’t know then the problem is greater”

Al Qaradawi “Just because you want to stay seven months? You will kill your people for seven months? Leave now, go rest, you are 82”

Al Qaradawi “I call on Mubarak to leave. I call on his regime to leave. To the Egyptian army, protect your people, you fought for them”

Al Qaradawi “During King Farouk time the Egyptian army fought for Palestine, it can be the saviour of the Egyptian people”

Al Qaradawi “Sadly the army let the Baltagiya shoot the people over the last two day. Shots in the head, some are in critical condition too”

Al Qaradawi “This army that fought for Egypt I tell them stop this now, you must take responsibility. The VP is the President, the same”

Al Qaradawi “The regime will go but the state will stay. The army must protect, I’m not calling on them to rule, just protect your people”

Al Qaradawi “Take this power from the Vice President & give it to the people. The Parliament Speaker is a fraud, even Mubarak agreed”

Al Qaradawi “The Army must install an independent temporary supreme judge who will run the state, that is my wish now”

Al Qaradawi preaching in a Qatari mosque to Meydan Tahrir protesters. (extreme left)

Al Qaradawi “Today we will pray for the souls of the martyred protesters of Egypt & of Tunisia”

Al Qaradawi said that the Qatari Embassy in Cairo has been closed because of the protests on Mustafa Mahmoud square.

Let the revolutionary spirit blossom for Egyptians, Tunisians, Jordanians, Sudanese, Yemenis and spread to all crevices of the world where dark tyranny stalks the people for the benefit of foreign satraps!


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Extra Tweets

RT @SultanAlQassemi: Scene only seen in Mecca before. 100s of thousands of Meydan Tahrir protesters pray together.

RT @SultanAlQassemi: There are 2 prayers at Meydan Tahrir, Muslims & Christians praying simultaneous…ly. Gathering est at over one million.

RT @MoatazMedhat: @Jinjirrie @SultanAlQassemi Actually it is estimated there are 2 Millions praying in Tahrir.#Egypt #jan25

RT @SultanAlQassemi: Al Jazeera estimates there are two million protesters. I don’t think they are wrong.

RT @avinunu: “No to Suleiman, Mossad agent, agent of America” – Amman protest speech #jan25

RT @avinunu: “No to Mubarak, son of Israel” Amman protestor #Jo #jan26

RT @SultanAlQassemi: Here’s the list of Committee of Wise-Leaders (disappointingly, they’re all men) Click English Version (Mousa is on it)

‘1610 GMT: Al Arabiya reports that the 10-man wise men committee has gotten positive feedback from President Mubarak about handing over power to VP Omar Suleiman. No one else has confirmed this’

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  1. Tweets from @SultanAlQassemi:

    Al Jazeera speaking to NDP spokesman now. Asking him do you see the popularity of the NDP that won 97% of the parliament?

    NDP Spokesman: These are not millions, the millions are the ones who are at home who did not leave their home

    NDP Spokesman: Mubarak accepted every single demand of these people, they must go home now

    Al Jazeera asked him: “But they demand that he leaves now?” NDP Spokesman: This will need time, how can we reform the constitution so fast?

    Al Jazeera: But he has been there for 30 years without reform. NDP Spokesman: We will need time, there have been mistakes, we must admit.

    Al Jazeera: You have arrested your senior leaders & frozen their bank accounts like Ahmed Ezz, NDP Spokesman: this is part of the reform!

    Al Jazeera: But these are the NDP leaders for ten years. Nothing was done until the youth came to the streets. NDP Spokesman: reform started

    NDP Spokesman: Don’t you try to make me say bad things about people I know. There are foreign elements that try to destabilise the country

    Al Jazeera WHo are these foreigners, tell me, tell me names. NDP Spokesman: Everyone knows who these foreigners are

    Al Jazeera: Please be calm. Tell me the names of these foreign elements NDP Spokesman: All foreign powers want to attack a strong Egypt

    NDP Spokesman: They want to separate the Christians from the Muslims. These are important reforms that must be undertaken

    NDP Spokesman Mohammed Ragab: It is the Muslim Brotherhood doing this. Please Al Jazeera all Egyptians don’t want to watch Al Jazeera

    NDP Spokesman Mohammed Ragab: Al Jazeera has lost its respect, you must become neutral in your coverage.

    Al Jazeera: But Omar Suleiman said he will talk with the Muslim Brotherhood, are you calling them destabilsers? NDP: Don’t mix things

    NDP Spokesperson to Al Jazeera: The NDP has nothing to do with the men on camels. The NDP only works to protect this youth uprising. [Ends]

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