Lies, Statistics and Spurious Hasbaroids

Looking for some answers? This skewed, racist imperialist CFR survey from Pechter Middle East Polls, provides answers from a selective array of questions, notably failing to ask Palestinians of Jerusalem whether they would prefer one state, not the unworkable two ostensibly favoured by zionists, the neocolonising US and cronies. Could this explain the large percentage of Palestinians who consistently respond “don’t know” throughout the Pechter Poll’?

In an AWRAD Poll from August, 2010 surveying Palestinians across the Occupied Territories, it was found ‘as much as 53 percent are willing to support, accept or consider the idea of one-joint state in which Israelis and Palestinians are equal citizens between the Jordanian River and the sea. In contrast, 47 percent find this unacceptable.’

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