No Jobs for Gazans, Thanks to Israeli Fascism

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Today’s Palestine / Israel Links

U.S. criticizes Israel over Jerusalem settlement – but as usual, does nothing
#BDS: BDS to question ‘Made in Israel’
Photos: lovely Gaza…
May the EU grow some balls and treat Israel as it deserves
Probe launched on ‘Travel Palestine’ ad omitting Israel
Giffords Among U.S. Gun Culture’s Latest Victims
Until now, I don’t believe anyone knew that the Mossad had actually made a prior failed attempt on al-Mabouh’s life also in Dubai.
Israel makes too many mistakes for them to be mistakes
New Yorkers protest Gaza blockade
Email Campaign to Release Abdallah Abu Rahmah!
Israel engulfs an entire West Bank village in tear gas
New rightist video urges murder of deputy AG over ‘persecution’ of Jews
Shin Bet backtracks on support for bill to revoke citizenship for terrorists
Health Ministry: Gaza Strip will soon run out of dialysis solution, insulin

Today’s Wikileaks Links

1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web
In WikiLeaks fight, U.S. journalists take a pass

Today’s Other Links

Video – Trashed in Iraq: ‘Look what they’ve done to us!’
Joint Strike Fighter latest puts our defence planning under siege
So sorry authoritarian state, America still loves you
Patriot Act, a Nazi law: Ex-CIA official
Nick Turse: Does the Pentagon Really Have 1,180 Foreign Bases?