Taking down the Lobby

If AIPAC can be challenged in the US, perhaps its Zionist brethren can be nobbled in Australia as well. Donations should not be tax deductible when they are used for acts which are illegal under international laws and treaties to which countries are parties, such as Israel’s criminal grab of ‘national’ heritage sites which are located in the illegally occupied West Bank.

IRmep director Grant F. Smith and callers grilled IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman on National Public Radio January 1, 2010 over lax IRS enforcement toward some Israel-related nonprofits committing illegal acts overseas and violating U.S. tax laws. Shulman assured America that, “If a charity is breaking the tax law, is engaged in activities that they are not supposed to be engaged in, we certainly will go after them. Every year we pull 501(c)(3) charity status from a number of charities. We’ve got thousands of audits going on regarding charities, and so we don’t hesitate to administer the tax laws and make sure that people are following the rules.”